Love At First Sight

Macy Adams is just a girl that hated living. She is abused at home, her mom died recently, and her boyfriend just dumped her. She lives a horrible life and plans on killing herself. But right before she does, they guy that will change we life, saves her life.


10. Caity Is Gone For Good

Liam's POV

Um...what just happened? I stared at dead Caitlyn on the ground. "I think I am going to jail," Louis said. "No, she has shot and killed many people before, ot just Niall and Macy." I said to him. "Like her mother, and her father, and her sister, and so many other people..." Zayn said. "Oh my," Macy's eyes widened. She started to cry. "Macy, what's wrong?" I wrapped my rms around her. "Now, Zach is going to be after me. After you, after all of youAnd it is all my fault, and I feel like I am tearing your band apart. Because, Niall is the hospital, because of me, now Zach is going to after us, because of me. All because of me!" she screamed. "Macy, that would of happened with any other girl. Caitlyn would go after them. She dosen't want you dead, she just wants an excuse to get me back. She just wants to be famous. She would of shot Niall anyway, she would be stalking us anyway," I said and hugged her. I just looked down at dead Cait.

Harry called the police. Police came immediatley. "How did she die?" asked a police officier. "Um..I.." Louis began.

"You what?"

"I shot her." I said.

"No, I did!" Louis shouted.

"I only did it because... she has killed many people before! Her mother, her father, her sister, and our best friend Niall! Well, he is not dea, but severly hurt! I'm so sorry! Take me to prison." Louis held his arms out.

"No, we understand. What was her name?" asked the officer.

"Caitlyn...she went by Caity."

"Wait. Caitlyn Mickeys?" the officer asked.

"Yep." Harry replied.

"She has been to jail many times! We were going to kill her for penalty the next time she was arrested. You did the job for us!" the officer said.

I look down at the blonde girl. There was a river of blood going down the sidewalk. The police were putting tape around the patch of sidewalk. The got a human-size bag and picked up Caitlyn. They put her in it, tied it up, and put it in the trunk.

"She has killed 57 people before. She is a horrible. Or was a horrible person. She does not deserve a funeral..." they said.

"They were also after my girlfriend," I said.

"And who is that?" I pointed at Macy.

"Is she okay?"

"Yeah. She is perfectly fine! It is my bestfriend Niall that isn't okay. She shot him in the leg. He lost a lot of blood. My girlfriend, Macy, saved his life..." I said.

"How did you, Lacy?"

"It's Macy. My father, Tom, made me lift 200 pound weights for punishiments. It took me years till I could pick one up. I could pick Niall up when Caitlyn shot him because I have been kind of trained. I put him in Liam's car, that's Liam right there. Anyways, you can arrest me for this: I drove Niall to the hospital: without a lisence. My father never let me drive. I am eightteen, though. My father never let me go to school, never let me drive, never let me have friends, never let me eat, he never let me do anything. All he did was abuse me everyday. My mother Wendy died when I was young. He was so mad he let out all the anger on me. Hit me everyday. Till, finally I ran away about two weeks ago. I ran for my life. He chased me. I was too fast for him. I almost killed myself then Liam, my boyfriend, saved me, saved my life. I could never pay him back. Ever."

Macy's long little speech there made me tear up. I cry whenever I hear about her getting hit by her father. I her. I love her too much to hear that she never ate. To hear she got hit every day. To hear she had to lift  200 pound weights for punishments. To hear she lost her mother when she was young. To hear she has lived a horrible life. Worst of all, to hear she wanted to kill herself. That kills me.

"Do you think it is safe to go back home now?" Macy asks the officer.

"Of course." the officer said. "If you need anything, just dial 9-1-1. Officer Kason." and he drove away.

Macy's POV

"Can we go see Nialler?" I asked Liam. "Yea. Let's go." he said. He gripped my hand and he went to the kitchen. The other boys went out for a movie.

We got in the car. Liam got in first and looked at the backseat. "Where's all the blood?" he asked. I got it out out for him. "I payed to get it out. I did it at midnight while you were sleeping." I told him. "Macy, why? I could of done it myself." Li said. He looked ashamed. "Aww, Li, It'ts okay. You have done so much for me. The least I could do was pay $100 to get the blood out." "You payed $100?!" "Yes. It was all my money. By the way, I need a job. I'm broke." I laughed. He didn't. He just pulled out his wallet and gave me $100.

"Li, I am not taking this from you."

"Yes you are."

"No I am not."

"Yea, you have to,"

"Nope, sorry Li."

"Are you sure, I am a millionaire, Macy."

"A what?!  I am a... zeroaire.." I laughed.

"Then at least take $10."

"Fine, silly." I took the ten dollar bill out if his reach and put it my pocket of my ripped jeans. I have had these since I was...15! Yea, 15. They used to be denim and have no holes, now they are brown and you can hardly even see the jeans there are so many holes.

"Macy, after we see Ni, we are going shopping. To get you new clothes." Li said. He seemed to notice my three-year-old jeans.

"You do't have to tell me a second time!"

We got to Niall's and of course, fans. Liam just signed a few. Girls knew my real name now, because of the whole thing that happened at Steven's the resturant (if you don't know what I'm talking about go to chapter 4).

"Macy! Can we have a signature?" They asked. "Um...I can't, sorry." I said. "Aww, why not? Please?" "I can take a picture," I said. "Okay!" I smiled with  a couple girls that wanted pics. "Okay, me and Macy have to see a friend now. Goodbye," Li said. "Bye Liam, bye Macy!" they all said.

We walked into Niall's room. His eyes widened with happiness. "Liam! Macers!" He said. He didn't have tubes in him anymore. He stood up and he was wearing a hospital gown. I bursted out laughing. "Yea yea, so funny." Niall said. He came and we went into a group hug.

"Where have you been? I haven't seen you in days!" Ni says. "It's a long story," I told him.




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