Love At First Sight

Macy Adams is just a girl that hated living. She is abused at home, her mom died recently, and her boyfriend just dumped her. She lives a horrible life and plans on killing herself. But right before she does, they guy that will change we life, saves her life.


8. Caitlyn, How Could You?

(A/N Hello! I hope you are enjoying this fan-fiction. I need suggestions, like do you want more of Liam's POV or Niall's POV? Just suggestions. Okay, bye now. Enjoy this chapter! It starts to get more intresting in this chapter!)

Liam's POV

All I could think about right now was Niall. Was he okay? Was he going to make it? Macy said he was, but how do I know if she was lying or not? I'll just hope for the best. My phone started buzzing. Caitlyn... she is the one who shot my best friend. I answer it. "Caitlyn, how could you, I hate you for this. I cant even beilieve what you have done to Niall. He might die because of you... so get the hell out of my life." I say to her on the phone.

"Aww, LiLi-" I cut her off.

"Dont call me that, brat." I say rudely to Cait on the phone.

"I wasnt meaning to shoot him. I thought he was your girlfriend.''

I can't even believe this. Macy? She wanted to shoot Macy? I hung up. I looked around the house. I looked around the corner. I cant even believe what I see.

Macy's POV

I sat on the couch with Louis. Louis is so funny, I learned that he loves carrots, he always makes jokes, he is the oldest one in One Direction, and he likes girls who eat carrots. "I like carrots," I say jokingly. "Then I like you, only as a friend though," he laughs. I laugh too. He turns on the telly then Zayn comes out. "You just got friendzoned!" he said to me. "Haha, very funny." I say sarcasticly. He sits down and puts his arm around me. "Nialler will be okay," he whispered. "I know," I said. "Hey, where's Liam?" I asked. "Upstairs," Louis said. "Thanks!'' I said  going up stairs.

Liam's POV

Oh my gosh. I can't even beileve this. "Where is she?" I ask in a mean tone. "She's right behind you," she says. I turn around and I saw Macy. "Macy!" I yelled and ran up to her. I hugged her tight. "What happened?" she asked. I pointed to her...Caitlyn.

I could see Macy's eyes widen. "You, Macy, come here." "Uh...okay..." she walked slowly toward Caitlyn. I grabbed her arm and jerked her back. "Are you crazy?" I said. She pulled out a gun and aimed... "Run." I whispered in her ear. "If you run with me," she says. "You don't have to tell me again," I grabbed her hand and started running. I ran for my bedroom. I locked the door behind us. I opened the window. "We have too, we have to live." he says. "What about Louis, Harry and Zayn?" Man, I forgot! Wait, I have a plan.

"C'mon, we'll jump together." I tell her. "Um, I can't,'' Macy says. "Macy, I would say you don't have to, but if you don't she will kill you. Caitlyn will kill you." I say to her. I feel really bad, but Cait will kill her. "Okay." It was snowing outside, so it won't be so bad. She gripped my hand tight. "Are you ready?" I ask her. She nodds her head in fright. "Okay, I'll count down." There is a short silence. "Three..., two..., one...," we jump. she hits the fround hard, not as much as I did. I will treat her later though, we got to get out of here! 

I almost forgot, we have to get Zayn, Lou, and Haz. I pick Macy up, open the front door, and loom around for them. They are all on the sofa. I motion them with my idex finger. They follow me. I grab my car keys. And get in my car. I tell Lou to drive, Harry got in the passenger seat and Zayn, Macy and I got in the back. "What's the big idea?" Zayn blurted out. "Lou start the car and drive away now! Zayn, Caitlyn is in there, with a gun, after Macy!" I say. Lou starts driving as fast as he could. I tell him to drive somewhere she would never figure out. Like a Chick-Fil-A or something.

Macy's nose was bleeding, she scratches every where and she told me she couldn't walk. Maybe we shouldn't have jumped. Harry blurts out, "Why is there so much blood back there?" he asked. "When I was shot and when Niall was shot," Mace said. Harry nodded and turned away. My phone buzzes. I got a new text message. You can probably guess who it is from. Yes. It said:

You may have gotten away this time, but not next. Say goodbye to your precious girlfriend. -Caity

I started to cry. Not just crying, bawling my eyes out. This couldn't be happening. "Li! What is wrong?" Macy says and hugs me. "I'm just worried for you, you have gotten hurt so much, your father hurt you everyday. He made carry weights for punishments. He shot you. Now you jumped out a window. I am just worried for you Macy." I was serious about thst, but that was not what I was crying about.

Not at all.

I was crying about that text message.

Caitlyn, how could you?

(I hoped you liked it! I told you it would get interesting. So, what suggestions do you have for this fan fic? Comment below! And, I am giving Louis a gf, and need names. Comment below with names!)



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