Niall's diamond girl

Niall instantly falls in love with Ella. Ella is a random girl he spotted in a crowd finding her fascinating but it isn't just Niall that falls in love with her,Harry also likes her too. A conflict begins between the two best friends and they found out that it was Zayn that stirred up the drama by accident. Zayn is left out and is treated really badly but he comes back even stronger than ever and ready to start his revenge by taking Ella from them.

(most of my character are from one direction but they are just ordinarily people in my story.)


2. chapter 2

Zayn's P.O.V

I couldn't sleep a wink all night because I know about Ella's scandal. So i decided to text Niall and Harry about Ella's dirty little secret but i couldn't find Harry's number so i only text Niall.


I would never do such a thing to hurt you so bad but you definitely deserve to know. so that girl you liked ella well um.................. I  will get straight to the point                                                                                                                                                    THAT GIRL IS CHEATING ON YOU WITH HARRY!                                                                      


Niall's P.O.V

I woke up tightly wrapped in my blanket shivering cold and as I reached out to get my phone, I got a message from zayn and I read it ,so i jumped into conclusion and adjudicated to send harry the nastiest text ever.


You're a retard did you know that. Next time i see you i will f****** up seriously. You're acting like a p****  because when youre infront of me you act as if nothing is going on. You and me in two hours we will have a battle in the car park near chase road. If your not there i will come to your house and destroy you into hundreds of pieces. BEWARE A**H***.                                         FROM:NIALL

It has been 2 hours already and still no sign of harry so I was at the car park with my baseball bat ready. I chosed to call my friend's cousin sam to help me destroy Harry, I need him because he is the scariest and strongest guy around here. He came here just on time before harry," dude where's the guy "sam complained.

" I dunno" I half-heartedly replied while tapping the bat on to my other hand gently and constantly as I got nervous.

sam was getting angrier every second and I was afraid if he might turn his anger toward me for making him him wait . So i remarked "lets go to Harry 's house and finish our business there". He proundly patted me on the back and said"you know what, you're not half as annoying as I thought you were".

I felt bad and nervous so I tried backing of the plan."um dude look over ther, mcdonalds over there. I will get both of meals and whatever you want".

Sam replied" we will get it later okay, but your paying for it."

So now we was marching through town toward Harry's house with our bats on her hand. Sam made a plan to go through Harry's window.

Harry's P.O.V

I am in bed under my cosy blanket when I heard a very disturbing noise out side my window but i decided to ignore it.Then I felt cold but I went back to my sleep. Something hit me so bad and the last sentence I heard was" we have to get out of here, fast and you said that you will get me McDonald's "

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