Survival or Death: Book 3 - The Ending

This is the last book to Survival or Death you can only understand them if you read them in order so if you haven't read any of these yet then go back to Book 1. Thank You for all of the support of my stories!

~Niranda Avery Necolle Bonn~


4. The Next Day

             I woke up with Zayn looking at me.

"Good morning love." he said

"Good morning."

"Today is the day."

"Yeah I hope that everything will be alright."

Zayn looked at me straight in the eyes with his beautiful brown eyes and smashed his lips against mine. He released me after a minute or two and hugged me close. Dr. Lauber walked in and looked at me and Zayn smiling. Zayn released the hug and left the room.

"Okay, It's time for your tests." She put me to sleep and took the tests.

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