Survival or Death: Book 3 - The Ending

This is the last book to Survival or Death you can only understand them if you read them in order so if you haven't read any of these yet then go back to Book 1. Thank You for all of the support of my stories!

~Niranda Avery Necolle Bonn~


1. Surgurey

          I was really nervous but the doctor was actually really nice to me. Her name was Dr. Lauber and she talked to me about my surgurey.

"Now I was just making sure that you still want to go through with this?"

"Yes. I need to get this surgurey done so I can leave as soon as possible."

"Okay so the first thing I need to do is ask you a few questions. First question, do you have anything like asmeh or anything like that?"

"Yes, asmeh."

"Okay. Do you have diabetes?"

"No." she asked me a few other questions and then continued talking.

"Okay second thing is, I have to put you to sleep."

She stuck a needle in my arm and gave me this medicine that knocked me out. I was out like that.

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