Survival or Death: Book 3 - The Ending

This is the last book to Survival or Death you can only understand them if you read them in order so if you haven't read any of these yet then go back to Book 1. Thank You for all of the support of my stories!

~Niranda Avery Necolle Bonn~


2. After Surgurey

         I was in the hospital room when I woke up. My surgurey was done. Yes! Zayn later walked in. He ran in and gave me a hug and he smashed his lips against mine.

"Alax" he whispered into my ear.

"I was nervous for nothing Zayn. She was really nice and she made sure I was okay before she did anything."

He hugged me closer and kissed me softly.

"I'm just glad you're alright."

The doctor walked in and smiled at me with Zayn holding my hand.

"Okay so when I performed the surgurey I found a couple things. First, the bullet that went into you went really deep, so we had to do more than we thought and then we found this thing that looks like a barbie doll shoe. And we have your results on your life and stuff. We got one positive and two negative."

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