Holly was a skydiver, she gave lessons before they go and take off into the air, and occasionally flys the plane...but as she meets someone...will she loose focus and make the helicopter crash? If she does will they survive?

My first movella please no hate:) of I spell any thing wrong just let me know:)

The Co-author is argmo57, Charrdy_Grace_1D and J.K. Panesar make sure you check out their Movellas:)


7. Where Are We?

Harry's POV

I feel the helecopter start to shake. I look out the window and see the ground coming closer and closer.

Holly's POV

"There! There's an island! try to land there"  I say knowing I have seen it before.

"Okay" Sophie says turing a little to the left to land to land on the small green island. Once landed we all stepped out and looked at our suroundings. Trees were around us with a beach to out right. While Sophie explaims to everyone what had happend, I was lost in thought. I had been here before.....but when? All of a sudden it came to me, this was where my grandparents vacation house was. I didn't see who was coming up to me but all of a sudden some one graps my arm, not too rough, but enough to get my attention. It was Liam.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, I just reamemberd this is where my gradparents vacation house is." me and Liam ran back to everyone, to tell them the good news. Once we reached the house, I stepped up to the garage and put the code in.

"Now we can call for help!" Perrie says

"Not exactly, my grandparents, weren't allowed to get phones on this island, I don't know all the details though."

"Oh" Perrie says in disapointment.

"But, we have a wounderful house here all to our selves" My grandparents are never usally here during the summer" I say. I can see Liam and Harry are happy. I close the garage, as we all step into the house. I hear them all gasp. The house has tall cealings with urban funature. "Ok! In this house there are only two bed rooms, so, how about girls in one and boys in the other?"

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