Holly was a skydiver, she gave lessons before they go and take off into the air, and occasionally flys the plane...but as she meets someone...will she loose focus and make the helicopter crash? If she does will they survive?

My first movella please no hate:) of I spell any thing wrong just let me know:)

The Co-author is argmo57, Charrdy_Grace_1D and J.K. Panesar make sure you check out their Movellas:)


1. Normal Day

Holly's POV


"Holly close up will ya?" I catch the keys as i turn to my side, I catch my boss walking towards the double doors. The door opens and closes and now I'm left alone. Peace at last! I think to myself. I look around the room, I never got a good look at the new renervations, all around I see golden walls like the color of my hair, bright but realaxing. I move my hazel eyes around the room to my left I see a spiral staircase leading up to the break room. And to the right are waiting room for all new skydivers. The bright white chairs still hurt my eyes. I take a deep breath...*RING RING* I glance down at the office phone....


*authors note* I'm sorry it's short tell me what you think please:)

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