Holly was a skydiver, she gave lessons before they go and take off into the air, and occasionally flys the plane...but as she meets someone...will she loose focus and make the helicopter crash? If she does will they survive?

My first movella please no hate:) of I spell any thing wrong just let me know:)

The Co-author is argmo57, Charrdy_Grace_1D and J.K. Panesar make sure you check out their Movellas:)


3. Morning Day Blues

*The next day*

Holly's POV

As I drive to work, I roll down my windows to hear the birds chirping, to have a better look at the incoming summer weather heading our way in Wyoming, as i drive past the Grand Tetons, and into town, I have only one thing on my min- *HONK* a car horn blares.

"The light is green!!" someone yells. I shake out my thoughts and pull ahead and turn into a parking lot, and walk up the red rick pavement to my work and up to the double doors and I stride in I see my boss, Sophie~I see Sophie more as a friend then as a boss~standing behind the counter. Finishing up a conversation on the phone. 

"okay thanks have a good day, see you Thursday" Sophie says in a cheery voice. As she hangs up the phone, she looks up at me with the biggest smile on her face.


*agian sorry for the short chapter also if anyone would like to co author with me comment below:)

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