Holly was a skydiver, she gave lessons before they go and take off into the air, and occasionally flys the plane...but as she meets someone...will she loose focus and make the helicopter crash? If she does will they survive?

My first movella please no hate:) of I spell any thing wrong just let me know:)

The Co-author is argmo57, Charrdy_Grace_1D and J.K. Panesar make sure you check out their Movellas:)


5. Arriving In Wyoming

Perrie's POV

As the driver parks our car, we are all breath taken by all of the mountains around us. I look at Niall he was finishing up his 'snack' like he has been doing all day. I giggled I glance up at Zayn who had his arm around me. Liam was the first to jump out of the car, he was the most excited out of all of us to go sky diving. One by one we all pile out of the car, and walk up to the building.

Harry's POV

I was the 1st to the door, as I was opening it I saw a girl with light brown hair sitting down drinking tea, man was she pretty.

Liam's POV

I noticed Harry was staring at something or someone so I slipped past him and into the building. Then I saw girl with golden hair. She smiled she had a warm smile. She walked toward me. "Hi I'm Holly" she says putting her hand out. I smile and put my hand out.

"Liam" I say with a big smile on my face

"yeah I know who you are" she giggles, she starts to walk back to a girl with light brown hair. I look towards the door and it looks like everyone is in the little building.

"Okay, I'm Sophie and this is Holly" I look over at Harry his eyes were glued on Sophie. I smiled I knew right now isn't the best time to tease him. Holly and Sophie lead us into a small room. It looks like a class room.

"Okay, we are going to go through a few of the basics" Holly exclaims, her happiness fills the room. After 15min of the basics, they lead us outside towards the plane.

"so" Sophie begins, I see Harry's ears perk up. "We are going to take you guys up in the air to show you where you will be let off. We will then land in another location over and past the lake in the forest where the suits and parachutes are."


******* hey i know it sounds stupid that the suits and the parachutes are in a different location but go along with it it goes along with the story********


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