Holly was a skydiver, she gave lessons before they go and take off into the air, and occasionally flys the plane...but as she meets someone...will she loose focus and make the helicopter crash? If she does will they survive?

My first movella please no hate:) of I spell any thing wrong just let me know:)

The Co-author is argmo57, Charrdy_Grace_1D and J.K. Panesar make sure you check out their Movellas:)


4. 3 Days Later

Holly's POV

I run around the office picking up newspapers on the couches and setting them on the rand new chocolate coffee table while Sophie mops he floor and organizes the also new green pillows on the still, bright white couches. It was any ordinary Thursday but not for us, Eleanor Calder was coming skydiving, Sophie found out Perrie Edwards and the boys will be there also I glance up at our clock hanging up on the wall  11:30am it reads. I sigh I have to wait another 30min to meet them.

"Holly?" Sophie starts to say, "can you please put some tea on, for meeee?" I look at Sophie, her big green eyes plead, how could I say no? shes so sweet an helped me so much these past years.

"Sure thing" I say as I set the last newspaper down on the coffee table. I walk slowly up the spiral stairs as I catch Sophie putting her long light brown hair up in braid. As I reach the break room I slowly walk towards the tinted red wood shelf, I grab her favorite tea, (blue tea) I shuffle over to the old stove, white with one burner, I get the sliver tea pot and start to prepare the tea. Several minutes later it was finished. I turned off the burner and poured the tea into two cups, and started down the spiral stairs.


Sophie's POV

As I was finishing up mopping the dark brown wood floor. I glance up and Holly was coming down the stairs with our tea, she walks over to me and gives me a cup.

"thanks Holly" I exclaim as we hear a car door shut. My heart was racing were they here?!


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