Something to remember for the one you love (One direction fanfiction)

Heaven and sam have been bestfriends for a while there attached to the hip. There both love teenage heartthrob One Direction when they meet them there wildest dreams come reality. They face challenges that they never thought a couple could handle. (;


9. Chapter 9

Heavens P.O.V.

"Dammit!" I shouted at myself hitting the steering wheel. i was running late. Wow this is gonna make a great impression. How could I be so stupid! Gaby was sitting right next to be in the passenger seat she was putting on black eyeliner. Her chocolate brown eyes reminded me of Zayn's. Her naturally wavy hair was straightned. Her hair was about shoulder length. Gaby was a pretty girl. I've known her a little bit longer than Sam, but I met both back in 7th grade. Gaby was wearing an elmo shirt with black skinnys. i was wearing old ripped skinny jeans with a green and light grey top. Both me and Gaby were wearing ballad flats. Just as we reached Sams house she walked out the door she was wearing a grey shirt that said 'Low profits' it was originally mine. She had some purple skinnys. She wore her NYC favorite sandals. Her hair was in her famous bun. She didnt wear her hair down much just in pictures. Once Sam got into the car we zoomed down the road. My car was a grass green like color. It was a Toyota SUV.    I Love my car. It has leather seats and all. 10 minutes late but we finally got there. Sam sat between Harry and Liam. I sat between Niall and Gaby. gaby was in between Louie and Zayn. Everyone automaticlly started talking. Mainly about school since me and gaby and sam still go. We added there tour and girlfriends in between here and there. Zayn seemed a bit effiy about Perrie. I wonder if they were fighting. Everyone seemed to miss there familys. It became awkward silence until Liam broke it after about a minutes or so. "Arn't we supposed to visit our familys around Christmas?" He asked looking at lou. "Yea,.." Lou replied he added that they have to leave on the 20th for there tour. It fell to sad silence. Gaby didnt really have very many feelings but me and Sammie did. Lou began to play with Harry's curls. I tried so hard not to cry, I couldnt hold it in any longer I got up from the table and darted towards the door. I ran into the bathroom. I sat in the very last stall and let it all out. Why was I so upset? I knew this was gonna happen. Was I going mad? Only a few days with these boys and I was already going to cry my eyeballs out about them leaveing. 

I woke up in an unfamiliar place. I was laying on what I guessed was a couch, I felt something cold on my head. I touched it and realized a shock of pain ran through my body. There was an ice bag ontop of my head. Why did I have ice on my head? Where was I? What happened? All of these questions ran through my mind. The door started to open I jumped up scared by who it would be. I saw a blonde haired boy. "Oh you're awake!" An Irish tone flowed out of his mouth. As he turned the light on I relized that it was just Niall. Thank god. I still didn't know what the hell was going on. "Niall can you tell me why and where I am here?" I said in a cunfused tone. He took my hand and sat down on the couch. "You fell I guess but you blacked out until we found you. " He said. "Liam thought that you should stay at my apartment just in case." He informed me. He looked kind of upset. I didnt know why but maybe sooner or later he will tell me.

Niall's P.O.V.

I looked at her in Liam's arms. Her head was all bruised up. Liam was carrying heaven to the car. We wern't really sure of what happend to her, but we knew she was OUT! "Niall maybe you should have her stay at you'r place for the night." Liam told me then I asked "Why cant she stay with you, you're the fathery one" He shot me a look that meant 'you're going to listen to me Niall James Horan.' I sighed and nodded my head. "I'm right next to you if you need any help" He said. "plus this gives you guys some time to talk." He added. I took her into my arms and he got into the jeep. She looked like she was really asleep. Her head rested on me the whole time. I played with her pretty blonde hair. We dropped Sammie and Gaby of at Sammie's house. Everyone hopped into the car as I got ready to take her inside. I carried her in my apartment. I layed her down in the guest bedroom I could have put her down in my bed but I was too lazy. I went to the kitchen for ice for her. I placed it ontop of her head to stop any swelling. She looked so cold, I ran to my room and grabbed her a blanket. Before I could get back I heard a noise. I turned on the light and she had finally woken up. I explained everything to her. Her face looked like she had been crying. Her eyes are all puffy, I hope she wasnt crying. I think she noticed my staring so she looked out the window. "Heaven are you okay" I asked not realizing what I said. She looked at me before answering. "Honestly no. I know you guys are leaving shortly after you visit you'r familys and I know that I am gonna loose contact with you guys. Me and Sam are heart broken Niall, I knew that when we met you that we will just be another fan. I dont want that but this is how it is." She said. Tears were running down her face.  I starting laughing. She gave me a cunfuzzled face. "I'm sorry Heaven iI really like you and Sam and  Gaby! And so do the rest of us! We would never ever forget any of you." I wipped the tears off of her soft skin. "Well uhm this is the gues bedroom that you are gonna be sleeping in tonight." I informed her. "Do you have anything for me to sleep in" She asked. "I think so i'll be right back" I told her running to my room I found my red polo shirt and a pair of blue calvin klien boxers. I went back to the gues bedroom and gave them to her. I kissed her cheek before heading off to bed. 

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