Something to remember for the one you love (One direction fanfiction)

Heaven and sam have been bestfriends for a while there attached to the hip. There both love teenage heartthrob One Direction when they meet them there wildest dreams come reality. They face challenges that they never thought a couple could handle. (;


7. Chapter 7

Sammie's P.O.V.

I could hardly breath. The boys huddled us in hugs! All I could smell was Zayn's cologne. Geesh! That bradford bad boi. Haha. Wow ddi I jst laugh in front of the boys out of the blue Soo...Harry he looks like a good kisser I wonder if...No sam shutup! *Slaps Self* "Why did you just slap you'rself?" Harry asked. "You know...I don't know a twitch...?" I said running my fingers through my long silky brown curly hair. He chuckled. We were in the middle of a movie, Harry looks terrified! Maybe I should move closer to him. Just to confort him a bit. Do it Sam! Do it! I scooted closer to him Harry put his arm around me. I layed down on his chest, listening to his soft yet loud heartbeat. Wow. He smelled so damn good! I began to feel a bit tired. No Sam stay awake! Maybe I'll just close my eyes just for a second... *Enters Dreamland*

Heavens P.O.V.

When Harry was done cooking Niall sat down next to me. Harry was an amazayn cook. Everyone was wanting more! Go figure! When we were half way through the movie, Liam and Danielle fell asleep next to eachother. Same with Harry and Sammie. She looked so happy snuggling with Harry. Zayn and Perrie were snogging. Eleanor and Lou were on the verge of going to sleep. Basically me and Niall were alone. He started to look at me. I felt a bit self cousious. He ruffled his bleach blonde hair. His aqua blue eyes peirced into mine. His thin kissable lips pulled into a smile. His eyes met mine once again. He got up slowly "Meet me outside for a second please love" He asked sticking his hand out for me to grab. I gladly grabbed it and walked with him. Th aroma of Roses and Dafadills filled my nose. Niall sat on a bench across from where Harry's apartment was. I watched an ant run across the pavement. As  Niall spoke, I felt my whole body light up from his soft Irish voice. "I dont know why I defended you last night, I dont know what has gotten into me Somehow my emotions got mixed up." He informed me. I didnt know how to respond so I just said "I'm sorry about that guy his name is Austin Hes a real jerk to me. I'm sorry you have to see all of that Niall." I apologized. Niall grabbed my hand, He intertwined our fingers I watched his fingers wrap around mine. "Dont be" He spoke sofltly while smiling.

Sam's P.O.V.


I was alone at last. I thought I saw his cold saggy eyes piercing into mine. I backed up but there was no where to go. "HELP" I screamed. I saw someone, just before the man got to me He has green eyes and pink lips. "harry" I asked. All the boy did was shoot the man before he got to me. I  was so terrified. I started crying uncontrollably  "Sam" The boy asked. I'm pretty sure the boy was Harry."Sam!" "Wake up!" Harry yelled to me, before he disappeared.

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up from Sammich screaming. She was crying also. She must have been having a nightmare. I could hear her muttering a name. She said it over and over again. I think I could make it out. "harry!" She shrieked. Did she just say my name? I looked around and everyone else was gone. I tried to shake her awake. She didnt budge. I started yelling her name until her eyelids slowly opened revealing her gorgeous eyes, They were very light and glossy. She pulled me into a hug, She started sobbing into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her body squeezing her. "What happened?" I asked her. "A man, from my past came back" She said. "But y-you were t-there." She sniffled. "Who was he" I asked her, "Wheres Niall and Heaven" She asked changing the subject. "Going all bradford bad boi!" I said grinning. She giggled. I looked up to see Zayn. "No." He said and walked away.

Niall's P.O.V.

I dont know what has gotten into me but I like it. Her hand was soft kinda like a cloud. I honestly wanted to kiss her but I knew that that was moving to fast. We sat there in complete silence. I heard Harry's apartment door open. We both pulled away from eachothers grip and we saw a very cheeky Louis. "So there you two have been we have been looking for you, Harry thought Niall was going all bradford bad boi on you Heaven" Louis was so cheeky. We walked inside and out of randomness I asked Harry a very serious question. "Commando or Pjs Harry?"  His reply was "Comandooo..." Everyone started laughing, I looked at the clock. 12:35. How did it become so late...?

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