Something to remember for the one you love (One direction fanfiction)

Heaven and sam have been bestfriends for a while there attached to the hip. There both love teenage heartthrob One Direction when they meet them there wildest dreams come reality. They face challenges that they never thought a couple could handle. (;


6. Chapter 6

Zayn's P.O.V.

I woke up from a burning smell Oh gosh.I went down there to see Harry naked texting someone. Probably Samantha."Vas Happenin!" I said. "Jesus Zayn!" Harry said placing his hand on his chest breathing heavily. I think I scared him. "What?" He asked while laughing. "Uhm Food..." I said pointing to the food. "Oh!" He said as he ran to the food and he threw me his phone. It viberated. Text from Sammich. it said. Wait you're cooking an omlet naked? Haha Hazza! "Hazza Sam texted you." I said while Louie and Niall walked in yawing, "Did you have sex or something?" I chuckled at Harry's statement. "Yeaa buddy!" Niall joked. Louis stroked Niall's stomach. Niall pushed him away. "Not now, i'm still upset I dont wanna act gay for you now." "Poo" Louis said and pouted. "Who you texting Hazadazdaz." Louis said I laughed at Harry's new nickname. "Samanthaaaaaaa" Me and the boys chimed together. Harry rolled his eyes. "Im off to get ready the girls are gonna be here soon." I said walking away, I went back to my room and slipped off my underwear and I opened the closet to see Liam spinning around...? "Leeyumm" I said. "Yea mate?" he asked. Weird. i shook my head and put some pants and a shirt on and went downstairs. 

Sammie's P.O.V.

I was texting Harry for like two hours before Heaven got up. Then I got ready and started blasting 1D music. Heaven came out looking like a zombie. Her hair was in a messed up bun, and she had makeup smeared under her eyes like she was crying. Probably because of Austin. Might as well text Niall to tell him to make her laugh today. *Texting Niall*
Niall- is she okay? Is she hurt? How is she?
Me- She fine Niall just try to cheer her up okay?
Niall- Will do and stop texting Harry, hes annoying me with his phone clicking.
Me- Just turn down the volume lol.
Niall- Do what?
Me- I'll do it when i'm over there haha(: See you guys soon.

Heaven's P.O.V.

We got into the car and I tryed to fix my zombie looking self as sam called it.We had a long 10 minute drive I threw on whatever for today. I didn't care what I looked like today. I don't think they would care anyways. They might not like us at all and they might just feel sorry about the whole Austin thing.I was embarrassed that they had to see any of that. When we got to the first stoplight I texted Liam. 
Me- Sorry for last night, I didn't think Austin would have stalked us, to that extent.
Leeyumm- It's fine love, So thats what his name was? Nice.
Me- Yea and oh make sure Harry is dressed.
Leeyumm- Okay and by the way Niall is really worried about you. 
I didn't reply. We finally pulled into the driveway. We saw 5 apartments. We were all meeting up in Harry's. They said they all stayed at Zayn's last night. We knocked on a random door and they finally answered, "Hello loves." Louis said. As we walked in we got huddled in by hugs. 

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