Something to remember for the one you love (One direction fanfiction)

Heaven and sam have been bestfriends for a while there attached to the hip. There both love teenage heartthrob One Direction when they meet them there wildest dreams come reality. They face challenges that they never thought a couple could handle. (;


5. Chapter 5

Sam's P.O.V.

"Sammie check you'r phone to see what they said in the video" Heaven said to me. I unlocked my phone and couldn't believe what I saw.  I saw Harry's contact! Maybe he does like me. Nah I doubt it. Hes just a good person. Maybe I should ask Heaven and Liam... "Hey Oreo do you think Harry L-" She cut me off. "hell yea he likes you! He couldnt keep his eyes off you" "Really?" I asked. "Of course!" I still wasnt fully convinced. "Niall is so crushing on you!" I squealed! "Yea sure." She said in a scarcastic tone. "You two couldn't flirting!" "I guess, but you wanna see if the boys can comeover tomorrow?" She asked. "Yea then i'ma ask why he gave me his number." "Okay sammie" she said. 
*Texting Liam*
Beep beep my phone went off. 

Liam(: : He can't stop talking about you & Niall is upset about what he did.

Me: Reallyyyyyy? & Why heaven doesn't think different about him. She can't stop talking about him.

Liam(: : Why won't you just think that Harry may just like you!

Me: Matthew... :/

Harry's P.O.V.

I was texting Sam off of Liam's phone. I know it was wrong to do but I think i'm glad I did because now I can see her again! I don't know how she doesnt think I dont like her shes so beautiful inside and out. Don't get me wrong Heaven is too but shes Niall's. Or soon to be Niall's. Speaking of Heaven Lou wanted to have a movie night with her andSam tomorrow night so everything was perfect timing. They wanted to watch Friday the 13th. Great. I hate horror movies. I get scared so easily! But I gotta man up for Sammich! Don't ask me about that i'm hungry. 

Louis' P.O.V.

When we got into the car Harry took Liam's phone. After a few minutes later Heaven texted me about movie night tomorrow.  My first thought was Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. They would love to meet Sam and Heaven. If we were even lucky enough maybe we could get hazza to make us dinner. Again if we were lucky. Harry was the best cook ever. Sam and Heaven would loveeee his food! The car ride was silent everyone was focused on there phones. Except for Nialler who was asleep on leeyummms lap. It was probably for the e best that he went to sleep he had a long day we all did but he seemed the worst. Finally the girls got back to there house okay we pulled into their driveway to make sure they were okay. "Be safe have a nice night loves!" Zayn shouted to them. They waved back to us. We began to pull out of the drive way.

Heavens P.O.V.

When we woke up we instantly started to get ready, we had to meet the boys at Harry's house at 4. We had a long drive to get there. They all lived in one apartment complex. It was only a 5 apartment buliding they bought it out. They had 2 rooms in each apartment. They didnt want to deal with any crazed directioners and they wanted to all be close.

A/N Good? Bad? Yes? No? <3 xx

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