Something to remember for the one you love (One direction fanfiction)

Heaven and sam have been bestfriends for a while there attached to the hip. There both love teenage heartthrob One Direction when they meet them there wildest dreams come reality. They face challenges that they never thought a couple could handle. (;


11. Chapter 11

Heaven's P.O.V.

Finally Harry rushed Sammie to the hospitial. Only two people could go in with her so Lou and Harry went in. Niall and I ended up waiting in the room for news on Sammie. We were starting to fall asleep. 

I woke up to someone carrying me. I didn't know who it was until I fluttered my eyes open quickily to see a 'FREE HUGS' Light mint green shirt. I instantly knew it was Niall. Where were we going though ? I felt a tear hit my face, I looked up to see a tear drenched face. ''Niall whats wrong?" I asked him. He looked pale. ''You'r mum doesnt want you seeing us anymore." He said. He put me into my mums car. What? No this cannot be happening! I felt tears forming into my eyes, We drove off. I looked out my window too see Niall crying on Liam. 

*2 WEEKS LATER *I packed my bags, I had to get out of here. I just had to. I packed Mine,Sam's, &^Gaby's bags into the car. We had no idea where we were going but Lou planned to meet up with us with Liam at this private jet place. We were going back to London. We had no where else to go and we were not going to go back what so ever. I really appriciated that they took the time away from there family's to help us. The plan was that everyone else was back in there own home towns and Liam and Lou only knew we were coming. They were gonna drop us off in there apartments back in London. They they were going to their family's for the holiday's, So it will be just us girls. I decided to stay with Louie and Gaby picked Zayn and Sammie picked Liam. Sammie was still a bit sore in her arm but she was doing really good. We all had a scare with her little insident. We are so thankful that she is okay. When the boys get back we are gonna have to tell them who we are going to stay with. Once we got to the jet place Liam helped us with our bags. ''You'r car will get there in about a day or two." Louie pointed out. I nodded in response. 
*8 Hours later* 
We unlocked the doors and walked into the apartments. I put my bag down in Louie's Living room. They other girls were at the other boys apartment. I was so tired that I hopped into his bed and fell right asleep. 

*1 Day later*
I got out my shampoo and conditioner. I got some clothes and toothbrush/toothpaste, and headed for the bathroom. I set my stuff down and turned on the shower slowly. I started to undress, I hopped into the shower, letting my hair get soaked. After I showered and dryed off, I threw on a black with hot pink striped shorts with a hotpink shirt. I
 jumped into bed pulling out my laptop. I pulled up Twitter and the first thing I read was from Lou. @Louis_Tomlinson Me and @Real_Liam_Payne have a surprise for you. But you will get it when we return. Liam tweeted this: @Real_Liam_Payne OMG! Louis keep.mouth.shut.! @Louis_Tomlinson I didn't say what it was jeesh! @Real_Liam_Payne Thats good I suppose. 

Sam's P.O.V.
(Boys are back)

I woke up to the door opening , it was Liam.  He was holding a brownish bottle. " Morning Samala! Time to clean out you'r cut." I sighed. I got up and walked to the bathroom, I sat down on the toiled; Or so i thought and landed on my butt. ''Ouch!'' I said. Liam smiled. I gave him my arm snd he put proxide on it.  '' Damn''I yelled. This always stung. '' Sorry Sorry..." Liam said. He was so sweet. When he was done I went and sat down on the couch. I was still a but jetlagged. I slowly dirfted to sleep. 

'' Sammich! Wakie wakie beautiful!'' Harry's sexy morning voice rang through my ears. I felt his warm minty breath, on my cheek. ''Mmm?'' I groaned. ''C'mon enough beauty sleep.'' He said. '' Let me sleep..'' I said. '' Dont make me carry you to my flat.'' '' You'r flat?'' I asked. opening my eyes. '' yea, unless you dont wanna go I just figured-" I cut him off. ''No its fine.'' Harry wrapped his warm big arms around me and picked me up bridal style. I layed my head against his warm chest noticing he was shirtless. When we got to Harry's flat he gave me an oreo. I shook my head. He gave me a cunfused look. '' I dont like Chocolate and I'm not hungry.'' I said. I went down to my room and layed down for a bit. 

I woke up screming. Next thing I knew Harry was next to me petting my head. ''Shhh its okay..'' He said. I calmed down a bit. He kissed my forehead. I layed my head on his chest and fell asleep to his heartbeat. '' We have a bad habit of falling asleep together.'' I giggled he chuckled. Gah his laugh is perfect. '' Can you stay with me Harry?'' I asked. '' Course.'' ''No I mean like for the next couple nights please.'' ''I'd love to.'' He said. '' Ill stay with you for as long as you want.'' He said. I smiled.. 

Harry's P.O.V.

The second I heard Sam's scream I was right by her side. I kissed her forehead. I want her to be mine. Only mine. But I can't. She doesnt feel the same about me. Its to early anyways. I never want her to be alone. I want her to always be with me. Selfish I know.  I gotta make a move. But when? It's so hard for me to press my lips against her soft ones. I'll bring her under the moonlight today, I'll kiss her. I will. Tonight. I fell asleep with Samantha on my chest. I kissed her head one more time. 

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