It's Kinda Complicated

Kelsie and her best friend Amber both like the same guy, but he only likes one of them back. Jealousy strikes and threatens to tear them apart, but they stay strong. This mysterious love triangle is almost as intriguing as the love itself.


2. Resistance is Futile; School Starts Now

Kelsie's P.O.V.

It's too early for school. I don't think I got a long enough summer break. I has just gotten used to sleeping in until noon, and then school and to sneak up on me again. Why? It just isn't fair. 
I groggily got up from my warm bed, and made my way to my bathroom to take a shower. The feel of the hot water helped to wake me, but it wasn't enough. "What to wear.... What to wear...", I thought to myself. I torn outfit upon outfit out of my closet, but couldn't seem to find anything that felt just right. Finally, I decided on a light pink v-neck with a white undershirt, Aeropostale jeans, and a pair of bright purple Converse. I inspected my look in the mirror, making sure my butt didn't look too big. "Nope, I think it looks just right", I said to no one. I threw my chestnut hair into a quick bun and ran down the stairs.
I made myself of bowl of cereal and some toast. My friend Amber picks me up for school since she has a nice car, and I don't get ready early enough for her to depend on me to pick her up. But I don't mind either way. 
Amber is my best friend. We've known each other since we were little. She's also crazy rich, but doesn't like anyone to know about it. She could've been part of the poplars, and they did invite her, but she turned them down for me. She's as pretty as me, but they wanted her for her money. I appreciate her for doing that.
I'm shoving the last of my toast when I hear a horn outside. It's Amber. Running out the door, I slung my back-pack on one shoulder. I climbed in her car and flashed her a smile. We sang along with the radio the whole way; mostly Adele and One Direction.
When we pulled into the school parking lot, Amber sighed at something. I turned to look at what is was when I realized that it was Matt, and he just walked by her car. Her eyes followed him all the way up to the building. I watched too, but I tried not to make it as obvious. "Shit," I thought to myself, "this is going to be a very long year."
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