It's Kinda Complicated

Kelsie and her best friend Amber both like the same guy, but he only likes one of them back. Jealousy strikes and threatens to tear them apart, but they stay strong. This mysterious love triangle is almost as intriguing as the love itself.


3. Early Morning

Ambers P.OV.

I woke up that morning at four o'clock for a run. It lasted an hour and a half. I went inside and grabbed a blue berry muffin and a glass of milk. I put some pop tarts in the toaster and got my back pack together. Then, I hopped in the shower. After my shower I rummaged through my closet for the perfect first day outfit. I ran downstairs to grab the pop tarts and then I got ready and went to pick up my best friend, Kelsie.
She isn't really a morning person like me so I pick her up for school. I have a really nice car. It's an old 1993 Mustang, with brand new insides. The white paint was just redone last month and the seats were black leather, shiny black leather. I'm pretty sure half the school wanted my car. Especially since the outside was improved with modern technology. Oh and did i mention it was convertible? The drive there was relatively short and we sang the whole way there. I pulled in a spot and turned the ignition off. Then, Matt walked by. The top was down on my car and the sun was shining. He walked so confidently as though nothing could ruin his day.
I unconsciously followed him to the doors with my eyes. He was so perfect. His gorgeous green eyes, shiny black hair. You could melt into his eyes. Kelsey looked as though she was staring into space so I tugged on her and got out, waking her from whatever daydream she was in.
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