Meeting Skylar

So, first of all, I want to say that my topic may sound a tad immature. It is fairies. I know, I know, fairies. Really?
So. to BFFs meet a fairy named Skylar. She becomes their best friend and they are always togehter, but they cannot let anyone know the secret about Skylar, they can't even know she exists.
But will they come across bumps in the road?
Read to find out.


3. The Reason For Vanishing

"Skylar?" My voice wavered in the silent room.

I stood up and repeated my word. "Skylar?" I asked a few more times. I walked into my small kitchen ad looked around. A saw the slightest flash of blu, as I had when she vanished. I followed the blue as it kept appearing in the air. 

I finally arrived in my pink bedroom, and Skylar's petite form appeared on the top rung of the ladder a my bunk bed. 

"Skylar!" I exclaimed.  "Shh!" She whispered. "What?" I asked in a hushed tone. "I think- I think he's here. He found me." 

"Who found you, Skylar?" I asked, setting her on my hand. "Raymond." She answered. "Okay, but who is Raymond?" I asked. "This guy from the fairy world, I think he was the first to notice I was leaving. And I also think he has my Dragonfly." She explained. 

"Dragonfly?" I asked when Rosy had come upstairs."Yes, Dragonfly. Each fairy has their own Dragonfly, the size of maybe, I guess and crow or a seagull. My Dragonfly is my colour, blue. They are fairies' rides, if their wings get damaged. They are also just always with their fairy. But mine is left in my world."

"That is so weird. Who's ever seen a Dragonfly the size of a seagull!?" Rosy exclaimed." "Really THAT'S what you're wondering about!?" Skylar and I exclaimed at the same time. 

Then, Skylar flew at the speed of light to my shoulder and hid in my hair. 

A male fairy flew into the room and asked in a strong voice "Where is Skylar?"

"Skylar, who is Skylar, and why are you a tiny floating....fairy?" I lied in a believable tone.

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