Meeting Skylar

So, first of all, I want to say that my topic may sound a tad immature. It is fairies. I know, I know, fairies. Really?
So. to BFFs meet a fairy named Skylar. She becomes their best friend and they are always togehter, but they cannot let anyone know the secret about Skylar, they can't even know she exists.
But will they come across bumps in the road?
Read to find out.


4. Raymond

"Ya give it up, I know you are lying." He said harshly. "I don't know what you are talking about." I argued. 

He flew over to me and pulled Skylar out of my hair. Rosy carefully picked up Skylar and put her on her hand, and I grabbed Raymond by the back of his shirt. He struggled, but I pinched tighter.

"LET ME GO!" He screamed. "Why are you here, she wanted to leave." I said while making sure he had no way of escaping my grasp. "Because she ran away, and she forgot Sapphire." He said, still trying to fight me away. "Is Sapphire HERE?" Skylar asked. 

"Sapphire would be your Dragonfly, am I correct?" I asked. Skylar nodded and Raymond nodded too. "Yes she is here." He sighed as Skylar shot out of Rosy's hand. 

I ran after her and she stopped downstairs. "You'll never find her." Raymond said. "She might not, but I will." I said, handing Raymond to Rosy.

I dug around the living room, finding no sign of a Dragonfly. I went to the kitchen. 

I dug into the island cupboard. Nothing. I moved the cereal, and guess what I saw.

If you guessed seagull-sized, blue Dragonfly, then you were wrong.

I saw a seagull-sized Dragonfly, the exact green of Raymond's shirt. "How did you get in here?" I wondered aloud. I scooped up the Dragonfly and ran upstairs to my room. 

I locked the dragonfly in my small, old, rusty birdcage. I heard Raymond yell "I can see where you put him!"

Skykar flew upstairs and quickly said "Fairy's can see from their Dragonfly's eyes if they try, I forgot about that until now." she closed her eyes and said "She is in a small black place." I grabbed Skylar and ran downstairs and into the kitchen. I opened up the giant cupboard and knocked against the wall at the back.

It opened up and a blue Dragonfly flew out. 

"Sapphire!" Skylar yelled!

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