Meeting Skylar

So, first of all, I want to say that my topic may sound a tad immature. It is fairies. I know, I know, fairies. Really?
So. to BFFs meet a fairy named Skylar. She becomes their best friend and they are always togehter, but they cannot let anyone know the secret about Skylar, they can't even know she exists.
But will they come across bumps in the road?
Read to find out.


12. FairyLand

When I stopped moving I looked around. I was in a beautiful place with little fairies flying around. I ducked under a bush as one looked my way.

I tucked Skylar into my pocket and lugged James around the bush. "Hey!" A fairy yelled when she saw me. The fairy had black hair and green eyes, and her outfit was the colour of an ocean. Other fairies that were flying by looked around, and I quickly ducked behind the bush again.

I reached out and grabbed the aqua fairy when I was sure non of the other fairies were looking. "I'm Audrey and who are you?" The fairy asked. "I'm Everdeen and I need your help. Skylar escaed, you know who she is, right? And she found me and she accidentally turned my fiancee and herself to stone." I said, holding up stone Skylar.

"The idiot!" Audrey said. "First, let's shrink Skylar and James so I can carry them." She added. She shrunk them with fairy dust and they became the size of my pinkie.

"Now I will turn you into a fairy so no one notices youwalking around." She said. "But Skylar tried and it didn't work." I protested. "She's a beginner. I'm an expert." Audrey bragged. She tossed some fairy dust at me and I shrank into a fairy, despite what Skylar had said. 

"Let's go." Audrey said, and picked up Skylar and James.

When I flew after Audrey it felt so amazing. I felt my backbones fluttering slightly as I flew, and I felt as light as a feather.

We soon stopped in front of a green house. Audrey flew in after me, and set Skylar and James on a small table.

"I need you to find two things for me. A blue autumn leaf and a green leaf. The blue has to be the size of your wings, and the green has to be the size of your real head. If anyone asks who you are, just say the new fairy named Everdeen. Okay. Go." Audrey ordered me.


I was tiny now, and Audrey was staring me hard in the face. The traitor. I still could not move a muscle, and it was highly irritating. I just wanted to scream 'YOU IDIOT TRAITOR! GET OUT OF FAIRYLAND, NO GET OUT OF THE UNIVERSE!' But I couldn't.


"You will always be my BFF." Audrey said.

The following day she ignored me completely and she was whispering to Raymond all the time. Over the next few weeks they were so annoying, and cruel. They killed my DragonFly's butterfly friend.

They had driven me out of FairyLand.



I flew around in the forest n saw a tree with blue and green leaves. After a bit of searching I found the two I needed.

As I was heading back fairy flew up to me and asked "Who are you?" "I'm Everdeen, a new fairy." "I never heard of a new fairy being born." He shot back. "I was accidentlly born into the human world and I just found my way here. The leaves are for my bed." I quickly but convincingly lied.

The fairy let me go and I flew full speed back to Audrey's house.

"I got them." I yelled. Audrey took the keaves from me and put down the green one. I noticed Jmaes and Skylar were back to their normal sizes.

Audrey wrapped the blue leaf perfectly around Sklar's wings and tied it closed after stuffing the space between Skylar's back and her wings, with fairy dust. She covered James' head with fairy dust and tied the other leaf around his head.


I looked up from my seat on the floor an saw Skylar stirring. She stood up and was about to untie the blue leaf when Audrey yelled "NO! Your wings will be stone forever if you don't leave it on for another hour."

"Why is Jmaes still stone?" I asked. Audrey shrugged, and at that moment James sat up. His sudden movement made the table collapse. "Sorry." James said shamefully.




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