Meeting Skylar

So, first of all, I want to say that my topic may sound a tad immature. It is fairies. I know, I know, fairies. Really?
So. to BFFs meet a fairy named Skylar. She becomes their best friend and they are always togehter, but they cannot let anyone know the secret about Skylar, they can't even know she exists.
But will they come across bumps in the road?
Read to find out.


7. Captured Cleverly

Skylar's POV


I woke up from my little nap and looked around. My wings were healed and I was alone downstairs. I flew up to Everdeen's room and saw both the girls were sleeping. The clock said it was 10:25, but when I looked out the window at the night sky, I knew it was 11:05.

I flew to the clock and entered the correct time. I soon grew bored of flying around the silent room and decided to wander around downstairs. 

Downstairs, I flew around the living room and suddenly I heard the slightest flutter, but it was not from my wings. I landed silently on the able and listened again.

Fwp, fwp.

There was the flutter again. I saw swirls of green moving in circles around me, and slowly the circles were growing smaller and coming towards me. Finally, they reached me, and tightened around me, binding me together. 

I started to scream, but another swirl tightened around my head, closing my mouth. 

Raymond flew up to me, quietly laughing. He grabbed me and closed my eyes with his fairy dust.


When I woke up I was in a dungeon-looking place. I was still bound together with Raymond's fairy dust, but I was also chained tightly to the walls of the dungeon. The dust around my head was gone, so I could open my mouth, but when I tried to talk, no noise came out. 

I tried screaming a few times, and it finally worked. "GET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU IDIOT!" I screamed. "YOU WILL BE DEAD!" I roared, but with barely any effect, since I had a tiny fairy voice. 

I tried to fly upwards, but my wings were scrunched together with Raymond's fairy dust. I ben my head down and tried to open my own locket that held my extra fairy dust. I bit it open, but it all spilled out and showered over my legs, binding them together even tighter.

'UGH!" I screamed in my tiny voice. "Shut up or you get it worse." I heard Raymond's voice say. "I will escape, and when I do, I will go to FairyLand and tell everyone your little secret, You know, the one about you murdering the SnowBird." I threatened. The SnowBird was this white dove in fairy world that was our alternative source of fairy dust.

"You wouldn't." He said. "Oh, but we both know I would." I sneered. He flew into the room and laughed. "Smothered yourself with your own fairy dust, eh?" I closed my eyes as he said that, then opened them after a minute. 

When he was finished unbinding me, my own blue fairy dust bound him together. I scooped up my fairy dust that was lying on the ground, shoving it back into my locket. "Bye bye, Raymond. Have fun here." I said as I flew out. 

I froze. I was in my world. I quickly sealed the dungeon closed forever, and threw some fairy dust on it, making the dungeon look like a canopy of trees.

Then I sprinkled fairy dust on me, and I swirled out of my world for the last time.






When I arrived in Everdeen's room, I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:19.

Too late for no one to notice I had been gone.


A/N I hope I don't have too many mistakes so far, but if you notice any, just comment and tell me, and I will try to fix them.

I am sort of running out of ideas for this novella, but I want to make it like 30 chapters long, so if you think there is something I should add, or you have any ideas for me, then please leave me a comment, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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