Meeting Skylar

So, first of all, I want to say that my topic may sound a tad immature. It is fairies. I know, I know, fairies. Really?
So. to BFFs meet a fairy named Skylar. She becomes their best friend and they are always togehter, but they cannot let anyone know the secret about Skylar, they can't even know she exists.
But will they come across bumps in the road?
Read to find out.


6. Accidents

Skylar's POV

I fluttered my blue wings at the speed of lightning, making myself float round the room. 

Suddenly I banged into Everdeen's metal bunk bed, and plummeted to the ground with a huge ache in my head. 

"Rosy, Ever-de................" I said before I lost my consciousness.


My eyes opened up half the way and fluttered close again, probably too small a movement for Everdeen or Rosy to see. 

But Everdeen still walked over to me. I could tell it was her by the certain vibrations in the floor. 

"Skylar? Are you up?" I open my eyes with a little difficulty and saw Rosy shoving Everdeen out of the way and shouting "OUT OF MY WAY, ODDLY NAMED BFF!" But I could tell she didn't mean it, she was just joking.

She ran over to me, and bang into the table I was laying on, making it skid across the room, right into Everdeen. "OH I AM GETTING YOU BACK, ROSALIN! 

As they ran around the house, I slowly got to my feet and tested my wings. Neither would move. I looked at the reflective glass in the table and saw both were torn badly. 

I managed to climb off the table and walk over to Everdeen, who was still chasing Rosy. I stood behind her, about to tap her ankle, when she backed up a little and stepped on me.

"OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. Everdeen whipped around and saw me laying on the ground.

"OMG, OMG, OMG! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY!" She yelled. Rosy gently scooped me up and walked to the kitchen. She found a soft cloth and squirted gross smelling soap onto it, then rubbed the blood off me.

"Don't get my wings wet." I said. She nodded and softly dried me off. Finally she laid me on the table and asked "What can you do about your wings?" "I can do nothing, but you can help. Get the locket and coat them entirely in fairy dust."  said, trying not to use up all of my energy.

She was back with the locket and she coated my wings in the dust. My wings felt heavy, but I knew it would help, so I didn't complain. 

Within the course of an hour my wings already felt a little better. I just hoped no more accidents would occur.

A/N Sorry about the different font, I can't get it back to normal.

I also wanted to say sorry if I don't update my other movellas while  write this one.



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