The Drummer's Babe

Scarrlett Coin was your typical 19 year old girl. With hopes of traveling the world. Never did she expect to get to do it with the love of her life, Josh Devine. They've been together for 3 years and can't remember what it's like to live without each other. Then when Josh starts touring with one direction Scarr goes with him to fulfill her dream of traveling the world. But little do they know the long rocky road that lies ahead.


5. What happened to Texas being fun?

After I finished unpacking I decided to change into a pair of black fleece pants and one of Josh's sweatshirts. Then I layed in bed thinking. I love Josh. I need to forget Harry. Pretend like nothing happened between us. I couldn't imagine living without Josh.
Next thing I knew I was woken up by Josh cuddling next to me and pulling me into his warm body. "Sorry it took me so long, Niall needed some girl advice." He whispered into my hair while kissing my head. "It's fine babes don't worry about it, I get it your mates need you as well" I whispered while tilting my head up to kiss him. He quickly deepened the kiss and pinned me to the bed while getting on top of me. After a few minutes of kissing he pulled away, as he pulled away he bit my lip knowing that's my weakness. "Number two.?"I asked. Josh laughed and said "You said number two" I laughed and replied "Grow up Devine you get me all heated up, then stop to laugh cause I said number two." He just continued laughing and nodded his head. Then a few seconds later we were back to where we left off.
The next morning I woke up wrapped around Josh. I looked up at him to see his perfect face, his perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect hair, perfect jawline it's crazy to think this is all mine. Millions of girls would die to live the life I have. I started to trace his pink lips with my fingers. Then slowly going to down to his perfect chiseled jawline. Down to his chest where I could feel his heartbeat. Then I traced his perfect abs. Then I felt him grab my hands and pull me on top of him. We started kissing and then he pulled away said "just so you know I was awake that whole time." I felt my mouth drape open and my cheeks blush I quickly buried my head in his chest to hide my tomato red face. "Hey, hey don't be upset I always watch you sleep." He whispered into my hair, then leaving a trail of kisses on my neck. "You do?" I asked. "Yeah all the time, you know you look like an angel when you sleep." He replied. I giggled and sat up looking into his eyes while sitting on his perfectly toned stomach. "There's my favorite sound." He said while brushing the hair out of my face. I couldn't take it anymore I needed him. So I leaned in and kissed him, he kissed back instantly. A few minutes later he pulled away and whispered "you'll always be my angel, never forget it." And I whispered "never will I ever" then he pinned my down to the bed and continued kissing me. A perfect start to our day.
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