The Drummer's Babe

Scarrlett Coin was your typical 19 year old girl. With hopes of traveling the world. Never did she expect to get to do it with the love of her life, Josh Devine. They've been together for 3 years and can't remember what it's like to live without each other. Then when Josh starts touring with one direction Scarr goes with him to fulfill her dream of traveling the world. But little do they know the long rocky road that lies ahead.


8. The start of a new life.

We got back to the hotel about 4:30 in the morning we were all crazy exhausted. Josh seemed in such a good mood and I was happy, I had never seem him so happy. We got to our floor and said our good nights to the guys and their girls. Harry thought it'd be best if he slept in Louis room for the night,so Josh and I could have our alone time. We barely got threw the door when Josh grabbed my waist spinning me around and closing the door. I couldn't hold back my giggle. He picked me up bridal style making me giggle even more. "Babe, why are you so giggly tonight?" Josh asked with his famous grin on his face. "Well wouldn't you be" I responded while smiling. He just laughed. He threw me on our bed and climbed on top of me he went to take my hair from my eyes and I grabbed his wrists making him laugh. "So that's how you wanna play?" He said while breaking his right hand free and tickling me. I couldn't stop laughing it got to the point where my eyes were watering and my stomach started to win. "Josh stop!" I said between laughs with the little breath I had. "Say you surrender and say I'm the sexiest man on the face of the earth!" He said laughing himself. "But babe you always tell me it's not good to lie that you want me to be honest." I said laughing even harder. "Oh that's it!" He said while freeing his other hand and tickling me even more. I had tears streaming down my face when I finally broke "fine I surrender!" I screamed. "And?" He asked "and josh is the sexiest man on the face of the earth!" "Thank you gorgeous!" He said and leaned into kiss me. We decided just to go to bed because it was now almost six and josh had an interview at 8:30. We fell asleep except I couldn't sleep my head kept wondering, that's when I heard my phone vibrate. I carefully slipt out of Josh's arms and tiptoed across the room to grab my phone it was just a text. I opened it, it was from Harry 'do me a favor come meet me in the lobby?' I carefully walked to the door and was about to open it careful not to wake josh up when I heard a raspy voice say "Princess come back to bed I need you" I turned around to see josh sitting up in bed. I giggled and went to lay next to him. "Where were you going?" He asked and I started to worry. "I umm...couldn't sleep so I was going for a walk. I didn't want to disturb you cause you had to get up in an hour." "Angel how many times do I have to tell you if you need me I don't care under what circumstances to get me." "I know joshiepoo" I leaned up and kissed him and then we drifted off into our deep sleep.
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