The Drummer's Babe

Scarrlett Coin was your typical 19 year old girl. With hopes of traveling the world. Never did she expect to get to do it with the love of her life, Josh Devine. They've been together for 3 years and can't remember what it's like to live without each other. Then when Josh starts touring with one direction Scarr goes with him to fulfill her dream of traveling the world. But little do they know the long rocky road that lies ahead.


11. Good news

It was early in the morning when Josh left for his meeting with management so he left me asleep. He was back before I woke up. He began jumping on the bed to wake me. "Joshua it's 8 in the morning. What is wrong with you?" I screamed. "Scarr guess what they told me?" He yelled. "Babe sit down and stop jumping. You're making me sick!" I shouted back while pulling at his legs so he lands on his butt. I let out a giggle and he said "you're gonna pay for that later. But I've got great news!" "And what's that joshiepoo?" I asked. "Two more weeks then we're going home!" He screamed. I was shocked, so shocked that I couldn't say a word. "Babe we'll go home get married and start a family!" He added. "Josh you want a family?" I asked, he had never mentioned this before. He nodded in return, he began to worry. " Scarlett if you don't want kids, I don't need them." He added. "Josh I want kids but I never knew you wanted them . So I never mentioned it." I replied. "Well love I want kids but I only want them with you. You're the only one I can imagine having a life with. Before you I never wanted to settle down or have a family. But Scarllet when I met you that all changed."  He whispered while pulling me into his lap and burrying his head in my hair. 

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