The Drummer's Babe

Scarrlett Coin was your typical 19 year old girl. With hopes of traveling the world. Never did she expect to get to do it with the love of her life, Josh Devine. They've been together for 3 years and can't remember what it's like to live without each other. Then when Josh starts touring with one direction Scarr goes with him to fulfill her dream of traveling the world. But little do they know the long rocky road that lies ahead.


10. Always and Forever

We got back to the hotel around three in the afternoon. All the boys weren't to happy about the whole twitter thing. When we got up to our room Josh slammed the door, Harry was in Louis room. He pulled me close and kissed my forehead. "Angel you don't deserve this." He whispered into my hair while I buried my head in his cheast. "You deserve so much better, you're a gift and you need to be treated like one. Babe dont do this to yourself." He added. I looked up while placing my hands in his hair "No Josh don't this to yourself you're perfect. You can't control what your fans say. You've done nothing to me." "Babe you didn't have to see your face in the dressing room or any other time. It kills me to see you like that. It's like someone is stabbing me in the chest and slowly twisting the knife." He replied. "Josh please I'll do anything, just don't do this" I said. He kissed the top of my head and pulled me closer. "Babe everything's fine I just want you to realize the doors open. I love you and it will kill me to watch you go but if you want to go ahead." I looked up to see tears streaming down his face and he gently wiped under my eyes. "Joshiepoo I'm not going anywhere see this ring on my finger this a promise forever, I'll be with you forever. I swear." "And this is why I put the ring on your finger you always know just what to say, I'm happy that soon I'll be able to call you my wife." I giggled and he smiled at the sound. He gently lifted my chin and kissed my lips slowly but with love and passion. He pulled away and rested his forehead on mine and whispered "I love you Scarrlett Anne Coin" "And I love you Joshua John Devine" "Always" he whispered into my hair "and forever" I responded.
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