Who am I?

Elise suffers from a heart attack on the 21st December 2012 at 11 minutes past 11, people thought she was dead-she was dead- until she came back to life. She remembered nothing. Only her name. Everything had been wiped clean, like the delete button was pressed. But, Elise saw visions- visions which may have told her what the future will look like....


5. What's your name?

I heard people muttering things under their breath- I was causing trouble again. I always seem to find myself in peoples way. Like when I was little, my mum would always be cooking dinner and I would be tugging at her apron. Every time I would be guaranteed to get the response. 'Elise, please your in my way, go down into the living room!' Once again, I was remembering things, that still didn't fix the fact that I was in the middle of the street, in a busy town just 10 minutes from the hospital that I had just fled from. 

'I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to knock you over, here let me help you up.' I was lifted back onto my feet by this 'stranger.' The voice was low and deep, clearly it was a boy. We met each others eyes. His were a beautiful dark oak colour, and he had short brown hair and a hazel coloured complexion. 

'It's okay- I'm fine, but would you please excuse me , I really must be getting somewhere.' I bowed my head down and started to walk forward, pushing myself back into the massive crowd of people. 

'You could at least tell me your name.' I sighed. Another person asking for my name. I turned around, slowly, before I told him my name, it was lucky that I remembered. I now had the vision of the doctor pacing up and down in my hospital room, struggling to work out why I was alive.

'Elise, my name's Elise.' 

'Well, Elise. Do you realise you're not wearing shoes?' I looked down and I felt my cheeks turning red. 

'Yeah, I, I, I know I'm not wearing shoes.' I clenched my hands together, and then released them again and looked at the ground, the ground was cold, the cobble stones were old and worn as many contained cracks, I was trying to avoid making eye contact. I was so embarrassed- how could I forget to put on shoes?  'Anyway what's your name?' I saw this strangers face turn blank, he closed his eyes as if he was trying to rummage through the filing cabinets in his head to find the answer to my question.  

'I have it somewhere- I know it, I promise, I do. I just forget sometimes.' 

'You can't remember your name?' I was curious about what had happened to this boy, already we had similarities. 

'I don't feel comfortable discussing this with you, I have to be somewhere to.' 

'No, wait!' I ran after him and caught onto his jacket. He turned towards me and faced me, his eyes were full of sorrow and pain, just like my mothers were when she held my hand, while I was wheeled down to the operating theatre. 

'You can trust me, because I have a story that I can tell you too, one that happened to me a couple of days ago actually.' I tried to reassure him that telling someone is better than keeping it held inside. 

'Okay, but, do you have any shoes?' I laughed to myself and I saw him let of a smile. 

'What is it with you and shoes?' I asked. 

'Well, I'll let you tell me your story, and I'll tell you mine, if and that's only if, you let me buy you a pair of shoes.' 

'Okay, deal.' I kept hold of his jacket as he lead the way to his favourite shoe store.. 


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