Who am I?

Elise suffers from a heart attack on the 21st December 2012 at 11 minutes past 11, people thought she was dead-she was dead- until she came back to life. She remembered nothing. Only her name. Everything had been wiped clean, like the delete button was pressed. But, Elise saw visions- visions which may have told her what the future will look like....


4. The Escape

    I looked down at my hand. Precisely in the centre was a, small, white cap. It somehow hovered in the air, I figured out that the small rectangular piece, vertically, pointing out was where the anaesthetic was injected into my veins. I ,quickly, pulled it out. In an instance I felt a ,sharp, pain shoot up my arm and down again. 'Ouch' I muttered, while shaking my hand and clenching my teeth tightly together. I didn't have time to waste. Trying not to tangle myself in the wires that were ,trailing, on the floor from the heart beat monitor, I slid myself down and placed my feet, softly, on the ground. I tried not to make a noise as I didn't want to attract unwanted attention. The ground was cold, so cold, it ran straight through your bones. It was as if I had just walked over someone's grave. I felt a chill run past me. It was as if someone was tugging on the, ugly, hospital gown that I was in, telling to me to get a move on. I was never the person to get things done quickly, but as they say, 'slow as a tortoise, wins the race.' I scuffled over to my bag, (which someone had obviously brought in while I was in surgery) and heaved it onto the hospital bed. Shuffling through the colossal pile of junk that was placed within, I tried to find some decent clothes to change into. Amongst the many items, which included a toothbrush and toothpaste, pyjamas; a book to read, headphones and my iPod . I finally found some jeans to put on, with a t-shirt and a jacket. I don't know how long they thought I was staying in this prison, I mean there was enough clothes in there to last me 3 weeks. Even though having a ,large, bag would weigh me down, meaning that I was slower, I thought it be best that I take it with me. I looked left and right of the corridor that stretched for many metres. It stretched down past around 12-15 other rooms. The rooms on the left and right of me, were both occupied by elderly ladies. I had heard that one of them was called Margaret and the other one Mary. I crossed over to the other side and desperately scanned the room for the toilets.                                                                                                                         

    'Excuse me, miss, but where do you think your heading.' I had been stopped by the receptionist on the front desk, she was middle aged. She pulled her glasses down to the tip of her nose. My grandmother used to do the same thing, while doing her Sudoku puzzles and word searches in the daily paper, which she had delivered each morning. These puzzles were the only things that kept her mind occupied since the passing of my grandfather. My grandfather passed away when I was young, I think I was about 7 or 8. I don't really remember him, as I never saw him much. I do remember my dad telling me stories about him though and how he used to love making model aircraft. I think he was an RAF Pilot and fought in World War 2, but I'm not 100% certain. Slowly memories were creeping back into my head, due to the actions of other people. The receptionist stood up from her desk and walked around the side of it where she then took her place in front of me. 

'I was just going to the bathroom.'

'With your belongings.' 

'Well, you can never trust anyone these days.' I smiled politely at her, but my expression quickly changed when she looked around trying to find one of the doctors. I started to sneak off until she decided to turn back around. 

'Look miss, this seems a bit off to me.' I saw her look down at my hand. Her eyes lit up in disbelief, shock even.  'Where is your cap gone miss? It doesn't just disappear! Look at the red mark on your hand. You come back round me and sit at my desk and wait, until I call one of the senior doctors.' 

    I felt a ,roaring, raging, fire, begin to spread through the veins in my body. My stomach was already tied in knots, but this fire, slithered past them, untangling them as it started on it's journey. It was uncontrollable. I felt myself turn red with anger. 'Let go of my hand, before I hurt you.' My voice started to rise. 'Let Go I said.'

'Oh please miss stop it, you are clearly unwell, now please, just come with me and we will sort you out.'  

'Let go of me' I screamed at the top of my lungs, before I spat on her glasses. I felt her hands release from my wrist and I headed for the two glass revolving doors. I chucked my bag over my shoulder and ran for my life. The air from out side hit me like a thousand needles being forced into my skin. Goosebumps had now started to appear. I realised that I was still in my hospital gown, I looked ridiculous. I ran for about 15 minutes, when I stopped to catch my breath. There was an alley way a few metres down the road. I decided to stop here and slide my jeans on underneath my hospital gown. No one could see me, so I put on my top and jacket too. I stuffed the hospital gown into my bag on top of the huge mass of junk and continued walking the streets. 

       The streets were crowded with people, but I had to continue running, so that's what I did. I ran. I didn't even look where I was going, I just ran, I felt like I was flying, it was as if I was free. No one could stop me, until, I was knocked down to the ground, flat onto my chest.


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