Who am I?

Elise suffers from a heart attack on the 21st December 2012 at 11 minutes past 11, people thought she was dead-she was dead- until she came back to life. She remembered nothing. Only her name. Everything had been wiped clean, like the delete button was pressed. But, Elise saw visions- visions which may have told her what the future will look like....


3. Questions

My eyes opened ,wide, but my vision was, still, blurred. Unable to see and ,unable to, talk, all I could do was sit and wait for someone to walk past my room and realise that I was awake. Questions filled my mind. What just happened? Where am I? Who Am I? What am I doing on a hospital bed? I frantically scanned my hospital room searching for answers, but there were no answers.

   A doctor entered  my room to suddenly realise that I was awake, at last I thought. She had long blonde hair, tied back in a loose pony tale. The folders she was carrying were now scattered on the ground. What was in those folders I do not know. I couldn't quite stretch myself far enough to see. The doctor stood there frozen like there was glue on the floor and she was unable to move then, finally, after a ,long,while she spoke 'Elise, I don't believe it, you died, you died over an hour ago' The doctor wandered over to the side of my bed and took my temperature. '37 degrees. This doesn't make sense, you were cold,your heart stopped.' The doctor then started pacing up and down my room slowly getting faster before she stopped. 'I'm just going to get the sister nurse and another one of the doctors from my team, I'll be back in a moment.' The doctor quickly picked up all her files of the,cold, floor and slowly exited with her head tucked into her chest while muttering to herself.  

          No sooner then the doctor had left she was back accompanied by a male doctor, who was medium height, with short brown hair. He was holding a clipboard which was worn down on the edges. The sister nurse of the ward was ,rather, short and she had ,long, brown hair, tied into a bun which was placed on the top of her head. The male doctor spoke with a stern voice                 

'Right Elise I'm going to ask you a few questions okay? I didn't respond. 'Elise can you hear me? Did you hear what I said? He tapped my hand, to get my attention. Then, I jolted upright showing that I was willing to listen and willing to answer the questions I was about to be asked.The doctor took a deep breath and then he began. 'First I should tell you I'm doctor Benjamin, it's always nice to know someone's name, then you don't feel like your talking to a stranger. So can you tell me what your name is?' 

'Elise and to be fair I only know that because it's been bashed and battered into my ear drums by that other doctor over there (I pointed to her) when, she came into my room and realised that I was awake. If she never spoke to me then there's no way I could I have told you that.' 

Doctor Benjamin started scribbling notes onto the piece of paper that he had on the clipboard. 'Okay... and how old are you Elise?'

'What do you mean how old am I? I don't know how old I am? Surely, you should have that written down somewhere, seeing as I'm one of your patients. Don't you have patient file with all my details in that could tell you that. I'm not your source of information you know.' 

'Look Elise, yes you do have a patient file and yes we could get this information from there, but we need you to answer these questions so we can see that you're okay. Look we've never seen anything like this before, never. Nobody who is pronounced dead comes back to life over an hour later and  clearly seeing as you don't know your age and that you confessed that you only knew your name because you heard my colleague say it, suggests that something much more complicated has happened. Now please Elise, is there anything, anything, that you can tell us' The doctor placed his hand on mine and looked into my eyes. 

I saw a man. I saw a man during the time that I was gone. He reached out his hand and offered me a place to go, an opportunity to go where he lived- where I could be safe. I also saw a light. It was so bright. It was as bright as the sun, it was as bright as the stars that shine at night, (at this point there was excitement in my voice.) it was as bright as the moon reflecting on the wide, wavering, ocean. It was so welcoming, but I fought back. Then he spoke to me. He told me that if I came back, I would witness things that would be unbearable to watch. This was strange because, before he appeared I was shown visions. I saw fire and people lying on the streets dead. I saw blood. I heard gunshots being fired. Then, I ,also, heard screaming and crying and I saw cities being flooded by tidal waves. It was horrible and then after that was when he appeared, but I didn't cross over to the other side. What if there are consequences for my actions? What if he erased my memory... because I fought back? Maybe he's the reason why I can't remember anything?' The trio of hospital colleagues stood still, they didn't move, they were intrigued with my story. The whole time I was speaking, Doctor Benjamin listened. He didn't take notes until after. They must of thought that I was insane.

Doctor Benjamin looked at the sister nurse, who then nodded at the other doctor present in the room.

'We believe that we have heard enough from you Elise.' That is all doctor Benjamin said before exiting out of my room with the other two female colleagues. I was alone again. I couldn't stay trapped in the hospital bed. I had to get out. I was being told to escape. 


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