My brother is in love with my bestfriend

what happens when my brother is in the most famous boyband, and he falls in love with my bestfriend.


20. Why did you leave me?

Harry's P.O.V
I couldn't sleep last night at all I was feeling so I can't even describe how I felt I just had to do what I thought was right. I took a shower and went downstairs. I was almost out the door when I was caught by Reese. "Where are you going?" She asked. "To see Jada." I stated. "Your driving to London?" She asked. I had a confused look on my face. "She's already at uni." She said in a duh tone. "She's already gone.?" I whispered. "Yeah, she left early." "But I thought she was going to Manchester." "Got accepted into London after and decided to go there." "Oh," I said in a deflated tone. A second later her phone started to ring. "You going to answer that?" I asked. She shot me a look and answered it. "Who is it?" I asked. She shooed me away with her hand. I picked her up. "One sec Jada, I gotta deal with something." She said to her phone. "HARRY! PUT ME DOWN!" She screamed. I chuckled and put her down. "So, your talking to Jada?" I asked. She nodded and went back to her conversation. I felt strange not talking to her. I should call her later, I thought.

Reese's P.O.V
Jada and I talked about her new uni and my date. " Make sure you wear your hair down," she told me, " Niall likes it like that." "Ok, I'll send you pictures of how I look before i go." "Good" she said. We talked for another half hour 'Reese can you do me a favour?" " ya anything what is it" she sounded like she was holding back tears "can you tell harry that I miss him and that I love him?" " erm, alright." I agreed. " Thanks babe." She told me. We hung up and I got ready for my date. I wore my hair down and put in my skinny jeans and lace top. I sent my picture to Jada like I promised and went downstairs. Niall wasn't down yet so I went to the kitchen. Harry was there. "Harry, I supposed to tell you that Jada misses you and loves you." He smiled. "Tell her ditto." He said. "Tell her yourself" I stated. " Maybe I will." He said. Niall came down and we left. "Bye Harry." I called. "Later." He said.
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