My brother is in love with my bestfriend

what happens when my brother is in the most famous boyband, and he falls in love with my bestfriend.


18. Is that a yes?

Harry's P.O.V

I walked to the door. "Harry," Reese whispered. "Yes" I asked turning around. "Can you erm stay here for a bit?" I nodded and walked towards her. She scooted over and I climbed in beside her. She cuddled into my side. "You used to do this all the time." I told her. She smiled. After a while she fell asleep. It made me realize how much I missed my little sister.
*the next morning*
I woke up the next morning with Reese in my arms. "Harry? What are you doing?" Reese asked me. "You asked me to stay." I answered puzzled. "I know but your staring at me." she stated. "Oh, am I not allowed to look at my sister?" I asked jokingly. She shoke her head. I chuckled. She got up and walked to the door. "Where you going?" I asked. "Am I not allowed to eat breakfast myself?" she teased me. "No way!" I teased right along. "It's way to dangerous!" she laughed and we walked to the kitchen together. Niall was sat there eating a waffle. "Save any for me?" my sister joked. "Yep, right here." he said opening his mouth. "EW!!!!!" she screamed. Niall and I both laughed.

Jada's P.O.V

I really wanted to talk to Harry. So I woke up showered, got dressed and walked to the bungalow. I knocked on the door and Harry answered it. "Um..... Hi." I said shyly. "Hi" he replied. "Can I come in?" she asked. "I suppose." "Whos there?" a voice called. It was Reese. She rounded the corner. "JADA!!!" she screamed running towards me. Harry grabbed her before she could hug me. "I need to talk to her first." he said. " She shot him a look but didn't argue. "We can talk after." I told her. She beamed at me. I followed Harry to the living room. "Since you came here, I suppose you had something to say." Harry said. "Yeah, I wanted to get back together." he just stared at me. "I don't know Jada. I love you but..." "But what?!" I screamed. "If you really loved me you would have said yes, I can't do this with you Harry. You either wanna be with me or you don't!" "Jada, I do. It's just I need to work things out with Reese." "You seemed fine to me." I retorted. "Jada, it's really complicated." "Everythings complicated with you." I spat out. I got up and stormed out the room. "Jada!" I heard him scream after me. I just kept walking.
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