My brother is in love with my bestfriend

what happens when my brother is in the most famous boyband, and he falls in love with my bestfriend.


23. First Day Of School

Reese's P.O.V

I was super nervous of my first day of school. Normally Jada and I walked with our mums. But this year she wasn't here. Neither was my mum. She passed away in the middle of the school year last term. To add to my nerves Harry wasn't here. I'm glad he made up with Jada but now I feel like he cares about only her again.

" You excited for your first day love?" Niall asked me.

I nodded slightly. I could tell He didn't believe me by the way he gripped my hand tighter as we walked into the kitchen. Lou was making waffles.

"You ready for today?" Louis asked me.

"I'm at bit nervous....." I admitted.

"I'm sure it will be a great day." Liam tried to assure me.

I nodded but the butterfly feeling was still there. We quickly ate breakfast and I brushed my teeth then we left.

Niall grabbed the keys and we climbed into the car. We rode in silence and every mile closer the more nervous I became. We eventually pulled into the school car park.

I was so nervous I was shaking. Niall grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. "You'll be fine. It's just another day."

"Thanks." I said as he gave me a quick peck.

I got out of the car and grabbed my bag. Niall couldn't come in because he would've been mobbed. He gave me a wave and watched me go into the school.

I went to my first class. Science. I took a seat near the back, beside me was a girl I had never seen before. She had light hair and green orbs like Haz. She must be new. She also may have noticed me staring at her 'cause she turned to me and said, "Hi, I'm Sam. I just moved here from Canada." I noticed her accent.

"I'm Reese." I told her.

"Could you um... Maybe show me to my next class?" she asked timidly.

"Um... Sure what is it?"


"That's my next class as well!" I exclaimed.

I was starting to feel better about today.
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