My brother is in love with my bestfriend

what happens when my brother is in the most famous boyband, and he falls in love with my bestfriend.


19. Confessions

Jada's P.O.V
it's been three months since my last encounter with harry I wish he could hold me in his arms again and he could be mine but this was reality. I still talked to Reese like all the time aha just like old times. I guess you could say me and harry broke up but we never really said it to each other.

Reese's P.O.V
I couldn't believe it's been three months since Jada moved out. So much had happened. School started in a week and the boys leave in a month. I'm gonna miss them. Niall was taking me out tonight. I couldn't wait! I heard Louis talking to Harry. He had been no fun since Jada moved out.

Niall's P.O.V
Reese hasn't been the same since Jada moved out there has been sooooo much drama it was still a good summer it's just I wish Reese didnt worry as much. Harry has been a mope and not talking to anyone him and Jada were perfect for each other I just wish they could be together....

Harry's P.O.V
I let the girl I loved the most slip away though my finger tips why would I do that? I should've been more supportive of her confidended in her. But I didn't do nothing she has every right to be mad at me and never wanting to see me again I just wish I could hold her one more time and tell her how much I loved her but its not that easy. She was leaving for uni in 2 days according to Reese. She was going to University of Manchester. I knew i had to reach out to her but didn't know how.
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