My brother is in love with my bestfriend

what happens when my brother is in the most famous boyband, and he falls in love with my bestfriend.


6. bonfire night

Niall's P.O.V

I saw Harry's car pull into the driveway, and saw two girls get out of the car. they found Reese i walked out the door and ran up to reese and gave her a hug i don't care what harry says or thinks im going to ask her out. Reese why did you leave you scared me to death i said i just needed to clear my head, you were worried about me? she said i saw Jada and Harry walk off into the house this was my chance. Reese ive been meaning to ask you this will you erm i scratched the back of my neck go out with me? i said she didn't hesitate for 1 second she said yes! all i did was crash my lips onto hers, we pulled away and walked back inside hand in hand.

Harry's P.O.V

i walked to the backyard to get the fire pit started, i was happy everyone was safe and we can finally get this bonfire started. it's been not even 1 day yet and there's already this much drama i chuckled to myself. What are you laughing about? i heard Jada say nothing babe i said and turned to face her she just crashed her lips on mine. This is a Bonfire not a snogging session i heard Louis say we both pulled away and Jada blushed a deep read and i had a smirk on my face. Everyone started to come to the backyard and sit on the chairs that surrounded the pit. we just started talking about the tour that was coming up and basically everything.

Jada's P.O.V

I was looking at niall and Reese and they just looked so cute together i was so happy for them. i was starting to get tired i decided i should go to bed. Okay guys i think im going to go to sleep i told everyone. good night they said in chorus i went to go give harry a kiss it was i quick one good night babe i said. i started walking up the stairs to mine and Reese's room i quickly changed into my PJ's and climbed into bed   , i then heard a knock on the door and went to go answer it, Harry i said what are you doing? i wanted another goodnight kiss he said seriously harry? i said yes seriously he said okay i kissed him it was quick. okay im going to sleep now good night i said wait, come sleep in my room with me please he said fine i said i walked to his room with him and climbed into bed he climbed into the other side, he pulled me closer to him and i put my arm around his torso and rested my head on his chest, i felt so safe in his arms. he kissed the top of my head and i felt my eye lids getting heavy and fell into a deep sleep.

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