My brother is in love with my bestfriend

what happens when my brother is in the most famous boyband, and he falls in love with my bestfriend.


1. the begging of the best life possible


Reese P.O.V  This is the day, we've all been excited and nervous for. My older brother harry was auditioning for the X-factor. I was there with Harry, our mom, our sister and my best friend Jada. I stepped In and said harry you'll do great! Thanks babe and gave me a kiss on the cheek, then he walked off to his destined future.   One year later....................   " wake up Reese" yelled my older brother Harry.  " I don't want too" I said then felt the cold breeze as soon as harry pulled the covers off "Haha now your up" Harry laughed "Wow thanks" I scoffed  " you have to help clean the bungalow before the lads get here!"  " Do they have to move in? " I asked. " Yes, it'll help us before our tour." Harry explained " I don't want that to happen either! But if all your friends get to move in I should get at least one friend!" I protested. " fine but just one."  I called Jada right away, her parents were going away so she could come stay for a month. Now I was in the mood to clean up and I know how to get around my brother to get the biggest room in the bungalow.   Harry's P.O.V I heard the doorbell ring, I walked to the door and was greeted by Liam Louis Niall and Zayn. I showed the boys where they would be staying and who'd they'd be sharing bedrooms with. I heard the doorbell ring again so I walked to the door and saw Jada I yelled Reese's name and opened the door  "Hi" I said  "Hey where's Reese ?"  Jada asked  "JADA!!" Reese yelled she hugged her and walked to there room. Soon after I heard Reese scream my name. " Harry get your butt in here!!" She hollered at the top of her lungs. " yes?" I asked.  " Why is all of YOUR stuff in here?" She asked me.  " Because its my room." I said " No, it's mine, I have to share therefore it's mine." She "explained" to me. I hated it when she did this " Jada which room do you want?" I asked "Erm honestly this room" she said  Egh I knew this would happen so I called the boys in "Lads were having a bit of a disagreement here, Reese think this is her room but since I'm the older brother I should get this room" " she does have to share why don't you just let her" Niall stepped in I saw Reese beam at him then I looked at Niall who winked at her and was obviously blushing, o god.   Reese's P.O.V Harry called the boys out to the hallway 10 minutes ago I was starting to get worried. Then I saw the the door fly open and the boys grabbed  us by the waist, then they carried us outside. Harry, you better not!" I screamed as they threw us into the pool, I've never heard Jada scream so loud. We resurfaced and I saw Jada struggling. " I can't swim!" Jada yelled even though I knew she could. Next thing I knew Harry jumped in and pulled her out. Niall got me and pulled me out even though I was fine. " thanks I said blushing. " anytime" I think I saw Harry shake his head.         


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