Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


30. Today

*Niall's POV*

Nikki's days in bed rest had been long. I didn't leave the hospital much, how could I when my whole family was there. At least the lads visited often and the food there wasn't bad either. But soon we were leaving the hospital because today was delivery day. Nikki just went into operation and I wasabout to go in to "help". Apparently thats what the fathers were supposed to do. I do not handle blood well but thats okey. The lads, Addy, Steph, Taylor, Perrie, Dani, Eleanor, Justin, Selena, Ed, Cher, Simon, my parens, and Greg were all in the waiting room. They knew they wern't going to be able to see the babies becaus they were going to be in the NICU and only parents were allowed there but they wanted to be there for support. I planned on showing them lots of pictures anyway. The doctor escorted me into the room. He seated me the chair next to Nikki. Thank god I was only there for support. She squeezed my hand. We were both extremely nervous. After about 30 minutes, when my hand was good and purple from all the squeezing, we heard a baby cry. We both started to cry at the sound. It was beautiful. We were parents. The nurse brought her over. She was beautiful. She had my blue eyes. 

"Meet your daughter." the nurse said "She weighs 2lbs 15oz. Do you have a name?"

"Elle Rose" I replied whiping my tears

"That's beautiful." the nurse said as she cleaned her up and brought her away to the NICU. Shortly after another cry was heard. Another nurse brought over our second baby. He had Nicole's hazel eyes.

"2lb 14oz, do you have a name?" the nurse asked

"Colin James" I replied and she cleaned him and left. About 10 minutes later our second boy was born and about 30 seconds after him, our second girl. A third nurse carrying both came up to me and showed me them. They both had Nikki's eyes too.

"2lb and 13oz is the boy. Name?" she asked

"Carter Dylan" I said

"2lb 8oz is the girl. Can you tell me a name for her?" she asked

"Riley Elizabeth" I replied. She cleaned them up and walked away. Now all that was left was baby number five. Brooklyn Lila. Nikki wanted to name a baby after her little sister. She was diagnosed with Leukemia last summer and was going though some tough times. I was worried for Brooklyn though. A half and hour passed, the 45 minutes, then an hour. Finally after two hours of waiting, I heard a cry. No nurse brought her over to us. She was just rushed away.

The doctor came up to us "She was having lung failure." he said "We had to put her on oxygen right away. She weighs 2lbs 2oz. She has your blue eyes too. I apologize Niall but when need you to leave so we can't stitch Nicole up." I left and went down to the NICU. I had to wash my hands before I entered. I walke back and forth between Elle, Colin, Carter, and Riley's beds. I couldn't touch them and it was killing me. All I wanted was to hold them. I also wanted to see Brooklyn but her lungs still weren't functioning properly and had been rushed into sergery. Above all I wanted Nikki here. I wanted to hold her in my arms and have the whole family together. There was no way I could do that tough because sge was still getting stithed up and I was told that I couldn't see her for another two hours. Since visiting hours were over in the INCU and one really rude nurse kicked me out I decided to talk to the people in the waiting room. I showed them the pictures, I told the everything that happend, and I told them about Brooklyn. I saw tears falling from everyone's eyes. Even though he wouldn't admit it, I saw tears streaming down the face of Mr.Tough Guy himself. Even Uncle Simon was crying.


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