Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


8. The interview

*Nicole's POV*

We kissed for a while. I couldn't believe this was happening. The car pulled up to the studio with causing us to pull away.

"We're here" I said smiling

"Yup" he said giggeling and making a popping noise on the "p"

We went inside. Addy and Steph quickly came over to me to help me get ready and Niall's prep team came over to help him get ready.

He gave me a kiss on the top of the head and said  "See you soon"

He walked into his dressing room and I walked into mine. We had 30 minutes to get ready. We were going to be the last ones getting interview since we were late. While Addison got me ready, I told Steph and her everything that happened. They were really happy for me.

"Does that mean you guys are official? Steph asked

"No, not yet anyway." I replied with a smile. When Addison was done I took a look at myself in the mirror. My make-up was the same as usual. My hair was parted to the side, half up half down, and the half down part was curled. My outfit was a light yellow flowy tank top, my jeans I was wearing earlier, a brown leather jacket, and brown leather knee-length boots to match it. Addison was a fashion God. I heard somebody yell "2 minutes!" from the hall. I walked out to see Niall waiting for me. They called us out on stage. Niall grabbed my hand and we walked to take our seats. The crowd wwas yelling really loud so we both waved. The interviewer was a girl that looked abot 25 years old.

"So!" she began "This is Nicole Johnson, correct?"

*Niall's POV*

"Right." Nicole answered confidently. "But everyone calls me Nikki" She was doing great so far.

"Okay then Nikki," the interview continued "how did you get into singing?"

"Well, when I was about 8, I had just started second grade and I was at the foster home I was placed in, I didn't have much to entertain my self so I would sing. I would sing everything from real songs on the radio to commercials. The one day I must have been singing in class so my teaxher told me to go to the choras room after school. There I talked to the choras teacher and before I knew it I was the lead in the highschool musical at the age of 8." she said. I was amazed

"Wow! That's amazing." the interview said. "Did you continue to stay with the musicals after that preformance."

"Yes, every production. I couldn't stay away." she said and everyone laughed.

"Now Niall," the interviewer said "Why did you choose Nicole?"

"Well first of all, she was beautiful and she had a beautiful voice" as I said this I could see Nikki blushing. "Her voice was so clean and almost innocent sounding. It was amazing. She is amazing" the audiance went awww, and I grabbed Nikki's hand and kissed it. "But, I had this video of the girl and she didn't give me any of her information!"I added laughing.

"Oh yeah thats right!" the interview said "How exactly did that happen?" she asked Nicole

Nicole laughed as she replied "Well one of my best friends, Stephanie who did the amazing filming and effects on my video, and I were talking on the phone when I realized that Louis had already picked a finalist. So, I became nervous and sorta yelled at her to post the video. So she did, but she forgot to add the information!"

"Wow!" the interview siad "Niall, how did you find her?"

"Well" I explained "I did a twitcam that explained the problem and asked the girl in the video to send a new video to send me another one but include her information this time to my email. Within in 30 minutes I had 300,000 videos of girls claiming to be Nicole."

"Wait," the interviewer said interrupting me "You watched 300,000 videos to find her?"

"Well no," I said "I looke at my emails and one caught my eye because unlike the rest of the videos where the subjects said something along the lines of 'I'm the one you're looking for' or something along those lines, her's said 'Sorry for all the trouble Niall" so I watched that video and within the first seconds I knew it mas my mystery girl."

"That is incredible!" she excliamed "Well I have one more question for you two. Single or Taken?"

Nicole and I glanced at eachother and at the same time said "It's complicated"

The interviewer laughed and said "Well, alreaight then. Thanks for coming!" Nicole and I walked off. When we were off stage Nikki's friends came to give her hugs.

"Nice job babe" I said as I kissed her cheek.

"Thanks you too" she said blushing. One of Simon's assistanced came over and whispered in my ear that I had a concert in an hour.

"Listen, I am sorry but I have a show in an hour so I have to go" we said our good-byes and I kissed the top of her head. "I'll text you later" I said walking away.

*Nicole's POV*

We drove back to the hotel and were watching Disney Channel becaus ewe didn't know any of the other channels when I got a text. I looked down and saw it was from Niall.

Text Conversation

Niall: Hey :)

Nikki: Didnt you just leave to go to the concert like 25 minutes ago?

Niall: Ya but I had some down time and I missed you

Nikki: Aww you are so sweet! How is the show going?

Niall: Good but I wish you were here

Nikki: I wish I was there too

Niall: Oh my God! Look at us we aren't even dating yet and we are already doing the couple text message thingy! Haha

Nikki: Yet?

Niall: Yeah, yet.

Nikki: So you want to start dating?





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