Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


18. The best fans

*Nicole's POV*

We were one of the first people to board the plan so we hade like 20 minutes until everyone had boarded and the pkane would be ready to go to the runway. Niall took out his lap top and pulled up picture of our  new apartment.

"Niall! That is not an apartment! That is more like a penthouse suite!" I shouted after seeing the first picture. It had 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen with granate counter topes, a dining room with a gas fireplace, a living room, and a back purch with a jacuzzi!

"Oh really? I didn't notice" Niall sounded trying to sound innocent

"This must have cost you a fortune!" I said "I promise I will pay my half once I get my first pay cheak!"

"No its fine. I opened a bank accoun in both of our names so when you get your pay cheak, just put it in there." he said with a smile "By the way here is your new credit card." he handed me a purple credit card "It's your favorite color." I couldn't find any words to say so I just gave him a really long kiss. Just then a girl, who looked like she was about 13 years old, sat down on the other side of Niall. I pulled away from Niall becasuse she staring as us kissing. Oh great, I thought, another crazed One Direction who was probably jelouse out of her mind that I was dating Niall. She was probably going to give me dirty looks during the whole flight like the others did. Just as I thought when Niall and I turned our heads to look at her she screamed.

To my surprise she completley excluded the fact that Niall was there and said "Oh my God! You are Nicole Johnson!"

"Um yeah." I said "nice to meet you."

"I am a huge fan! I voted for you for the contest like a million times" she said grinnig from ear to ear

"Oh thank you! That means so much!" I said blushing

"Do you mind if I get a picture with you?" she asked

"Of course not!" I said to her and then turned to Niall "Do you mind if we switch seats?" 

"For you, anything my love" he said. I kissed his cheek and we switched. I took a picture with her and signed her shirt.  Niall fell asleep about 20 minutes after we took off and by I spent the whole time talking to her. By the end of the flight I knew that her name was Cassidy, she was 13 years old (like I had guessed), she was an only child, and she was from LA like me. I asked her why she had a british accent if she was from LA and she told me that she practically grew up in London where, ever since she turned nine, her parents would ship her off to. It was the end of August now so she was heading back to start school now. The pilot made an announcement that the plane was landing in 10 minutes.

"My room mate, your second biggest fan after me, is never going to believe this!" she said "I had so much fun talking to you and meeting you."

"Me too." I replied "Tell you what. Give me your phone number and I will send you and your roommate back stage passes and front row tickets to my london concert when my tour launches. I mean its two years from now but it's still something. How does that sound?" she broke out in tears, nodded eagerly, and wrote down her phone number. The plane landed so I woke up Niall and said good-bye to Cassidy. I had the best fans.



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