Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


11. Singing my Heart out

*Niall's POV*

Today is the big day and I don't know about Nikki, but I am sick to my stomach! I have been tweeting over and over agian for people to watch channel 7 at six and to vote for Nikki online or by phone. It was 9 am now so I left the room and walked down the hall. I was pleasenly surprised to see Nikki outside her room waiting for me.

"You are up early" I said

"Couldn't sleep, I was too nervous. I have been up since seven." she replied.

Nikki's POV*

Before I knew what was happening he pulled me in close and kissed me.

He pulled away and whispered "Me too." He grabbed my hand and we went to the studio. Once we arrived Niall explained to me that first we would do vocal warm-ups until 12, then we would both get ready, then we would run through the preformance until it was time to go. He told me that the concert started at 5pm but we were going last at 6pm. He said that voting started as soon as we finished. The all the judges and finalists would go to an award show type party an hour later where that would announce the winner. I texted Addy and told her and Steph to be here at 12 to help me get ready.

*Addison's POV*

I was done with Nikki's look by 2pm. To my surprise none or the other finalists showed up until about 1pm.

"Okay!" I yelled "Nikki! You are done!" Nikki stood up and looked into the mirror

*Nicole's POV*

Looked into the mirror. My make up was natural, big surprise there. My hair was side parted and curled. They I realized my brown booties had been replaced with black ones. When Niall walked into the dressing room I understood why. He was wearing a black tux with a baby pink tie to match my dress. I looked at Addy.

"Addy? Did you do this?" I asked her

"Yeah" she replied "I wanted you guys to match" I hugged her the grabbed Niall's hand and walkked out to rehearse. We sang it again and again right up intil Simon told us that we were up in 2 minutes. I grabbed Niall's hand. I was scared. I think he could tell because he kissed him.

"You will be fine" he said as he pulled me in for a hug. We stood there with my head on his chest and him hugging my until we heard the announcer say "Everyone put your hands together for Nicole Johnson!" they audiance applauded and I began to sing befor I walked out like we practiced. On my cue I walked onto the stage and sung my heart out. When I finished I walked off stage and almost died because now comes the hard part, waiting to hear the winner.



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