Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


22. Now or Never

*Niall's POV*

The recording of my album and Nikki's album went by in the blink of an eye. We had recorded our duet "Finally Found Love" and filmed the musice video. Both albums had been released las week and both were doing amazing. With our albums going back in forth for number one on itunes. With her album doing so well, Nikki had enough money to hire Addison and Stephanie. We were on our way to they airport to pick them up now. Nikki had bought them the two bedroom apartment below us. They would only be living there for a week until we got back from the tour. Our first concert was in Australia in one week!

"This is so exciting!" Nikki squealed in the seat next to me "I am going on tour with my three best friends!"

"Three?" I asked raising one eyebrow

"Yeah. Addy, Steph, and you." she replied and I kissed her. We pulled into the airport. Addy and Steph were waiting outside for us when we pulled up. I hadn't even fully parked the car when Nikki jumped out and ran over to them. There was a lot of hugging, screaming, and crying as they said their hellos. I loaded their bags into the car.

*Nicole's POV*

Niall pulled up to our apartment building and Addy and Steph were in awe. I was so happy to have my friends back. They went into their new home to get everything settled so Niall and I went to our apartment.

"Geez." Niall said to me "Our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger." He was right. The boys were like brothers to me and Eleanor, Taylor, Dani, Perri, and I were as close as sisters and now that Addy and Steph was here our "group" or family as Niall had called was bigger.

*Niall's POV*

We have been home from the tour for about 2 months now and today was my 21st birthday. Nikki and I had been dating for longer that 2 years now. We were in the process of creating our new albums so I figure now was the right time. Tonight at my party was where it would all go down.

*Nicole's POV*

Everyone was coming to this party. The boys, Eleanor, Dani, Perrie, Taylor, Selena, Justin, Olly, Cher, Ed, Simon, Addy, Steph, Niall's brother Greg, Niall's parents, and I had arranged for Michael Buble (Niall's inspiration) to come for Niall's birthday surprise. This was going to be amazing. Niall had decorated the house and set out his favorite and by 7 everyone was there. We had cake and I announced it was time for presents. Louis and Eleanor got Niall a swirly slide (it was huge and looked realy fun!), Liam and Dani got him a new guitar, Zayn and Perrie got him a painting of us that Zayn painted himself, Selena and Justin got him the new macbook he wanted,Cher got him a snazzy new leather jacket, Ed got him a $900 gift certificate to Nando's (i bet it will be all used up in a month), Simon got him a framed picture of himslf and the boy, Addy and Steph got him 50 of his favorite hats with different pictues and in different colors, but my favorite was Harry and Taylor's gift.

"Hold on we have to go get it" Harry said walkimg away and then came back hold a bernese mountin dog! It was probably only about 5 weeks old and so tiny and adorable.

"He was born seix weeks ago at an animal shelter and he was the runt so nobody wanted him." Taylor said with a frown

"I knew it is your favorie kind of dog so, here you go!" Harry said handing Niall the puppy. It was so cute.

I said got a text fro Michael Buble saying that he was on his way up and said "Your present is on it's way up Niall" He raised his eyebrow because he was puzzled but his face when the elevator doors opened and Michael came out was priceless. He kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. It's funny how stars can get so star struck.

*Niall's POV*

Michael had to leave so we said out good byes and I thanked him for coming. I looked over at Nikki who was talking to the girls, now was the time. It was now or never.

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