Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


19. New "apartment"

*Nicole's POV*

We went to the baggage claim to pick up our bags. Niall walked into 4 people and a pole. He must still be groggy from his nap.

"Tired?" I asked

"I am surprised you're not." he said "It's late and you didn't take a nap like I did."

"Yeah. Cassidy and I talked for a while." I replied

"It was kind of nice to not have a teenage girl know who I was." he replied laughing

"Yeah I bet!" I said

"You will be living my hell soon enough" he said. I thought about what he said, he was right. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere without somebody recognising me. We climbed into a cab once we got our bags. We drove for about 20 minutes until we pulled up to a beautiful marble building.

"This is it" Niall said to me. I looked at the building. It looked like building staight out of Beverly Hills or something. I couldn't believe I was going to be living here! The door man, (Ya! There is a doorman! How cool is that?) took our bags and brought them up to our apartment. Niall took my hand and showed me around. The lobby was beautiful and looked very expensive but the best thing was probably the outdoors. There was a heated swimming pool! Thatmis awesome! There was also a tennis court, basketball court, and a huge swingset!

"So what do you think?" Niall asked me

"This is all amazing!" I said hugging him

"Do you want to go see our new home now?" He asked raising one eyebrow. I nodded my head eagerly in responce. He lead me to the elevator and hit floor number 50. It was the top floor so I was right about it being the penthouse. The elevator opend and I stood there in shock.I was expecting to see a completely empty and undecorated apartment, but what I saw was just the oppisite.

"I hired a interior decorator. I hope you don't mind." He said stepping out of the elevator and pulling me out with him.

"It's amazing." I replied in shock

"I had them design the lower level with the purple, white, and grey as the colors since purple is your favorite color."

I kissed him and said "That is so sweet." I wondered around. The hallway from the elevator lead to the kitchen which was painted a light grey had a white marble countertop, stainless steel stove, microwave, and dish washer, and one of those really cool fridges with the see through glass doors. After walking through the kitchen, I entered the dinning room. The walls were painted white and the mantle above the firplce wwas painted a deep plum purple. Above the mantle was a picture of Niall and I the night I had won the contest. I turned around to say something to him but he wasn't behind me anymore. I figured he was exploring like I was and kept walking. I entered the living. The first thing I noticed was a HUGE plasma flat screen TV. Niall was in there sitting on the grey couch decorated with white and purple pillows.

"It was surround sound" he said

"Nice." I said

Niall stood up and took my hand "Do you want to see upstairs?"

"Sure" I replied and looked around "Niall, where are the stairs."

"There aren't any" he said pointing behind me.

"If there aren't any stairs how are we going t-" I stopped talking once I turned around and saw what he was pointing at. We had an elevator in our apartment! This is so cool! Niall pulled me into the elevator.

"I had all the guest bedrooms painted navy blue. They all have queen sized beds and flat screens TV. And the beds have white comphorters with navy blue pillows."  he told me

"Remind me again, why do we have so many guest bedrooms?' I asked as we exited the elevator and walked down the hall past them all.

"I figured each of the boys could have their own when they spent the night." he said

"How generous of you." I said as we stopped at the door at the end of the hall.

"Are you ready to see the master bedroom?" I nodded eagerly and he opened the door. Like the other bedrooms the bed had a red comforter. Only the room was painted medium gray and the bed was a king sized. The bathroom was painted red and had a jacuzzi tub and fancy shower with a radio and color changing lights. My favorite part of my room was the two doors at the back at the room. One had a picture of me singing in my first video and the other had a picture of Niall from the Little Things video. I opened the one with the picture of me on it. I walked in and I saw the biggest closet I have ever seen in my life! Niall walked in behind me.

"So?" he asked.

I kissed him for a long time and then whispered "It's perfect." the went back in to kiss him again. We kisse for a while and then he picked me up and layed down on the bed. I was on top of him and I began to take his shirt off.

"Wait...." he said





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