Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


17. Leaving it all behind

*Niall's POV*

We went back to sleep and I woke up when my alarm went off at 8 am. I was really tired. Nicole was already awake and dressed.  I sat up in bed.

"Goodmornig sleepy head." she replied kissing me and sitting down on my lap "I have been up since six because I wanted to go and say good-bye to Addy and Steph."

"Yeah? And how did that go?" I asked

"There were a lot of tears." she replied. I completely understood. I mean I had cried when the lads and I lost the Xfactor because I though I was going to loose them forever even though I had only know them for about a month. Our flight leaves at noon so we had to be at the airport in two hours so I helped Nikki finish packing all of her stuff. A lot of it, she told me, was going to be shipped over by Mrs. Brooks so she only was bring one carry on and two suitcases. I gathered up the few things I had brought with me and we went down stairs to say our good-byes.

*Nicole's POV*

I went down a line saying my good byes. First Mrs. Brooks, who I thanked for being the mother figure in my life. Then Mr. Brooks, who I thinked for teaching me everything I needed to know like driving a car. Next Brandon and Luke, who I thanked for being such good brothers. Last, came the hardest of all. Lila. I had been there the day she was born and everyday in between. I had watched her grow. She was the one person in this family who treated me as part of the family. Even when she drew pictures at school of her family, she would draw me.  She gave me a hug and then took out a picture of her and I.

"Can you sign this?" she asked through her tear "You know, for when you become famous." I nodded, signed it for, gave her one more hug, and left. By the time I had sat down in Niall's car I was already in tears. Niall comfortingly grabbed my hand.

*Niall's POV*

We drove to the airport, passed through security, and we were now boarding the plane. Nikki hasn't said a word the whole time. We sat down in our first class seats.

I asked "How are you holding up?" she didn't answer me. She just looked out the window and shrugged

"Are Addy and Steph going to come visit?" I asked trying to start conversation

She finally turned around. I was surprised to see her smiling when she said "I had promised them that as soon as I had enough money I woud hire them both. Addy as my stylist and Steph as the directior and filmer of my movie."

"Your movie?" I asked puzzled

"Yeah," she replied "you know like all the big popstars make. You can have one and I can't?"

I laughed and replied "Hey I never said that and ours hasn't come out yet!" she had finally stopped crying and the old Nikki who I knew and loved was back.

"What about the Brooks family? Are you planning on seeing them again?" I asked her

"Well" she said "I promised that I would fly them all in for my first concert on tour with you guys. And I told Lila that when she was 13 I would fly her in and she could spend the whole summer with me."

"Aww thats so sweet" I said in a girly voice as a joke

"Oh shut up!" she said punching my arm

"Oww!" I said.

"Oh stop it you big baby!" she said kissing me

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