Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


3. Just jealous

*Nicole's POV*

There is less than 5 days left in the contest and I was getting worried. Ed sheeran, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Simon had already filled up all there spots. Liam and Cher Lloyd only had one spot left each, and Niall still had both. That only left 4 spots total! I walked into drama class and sat at my desk inbetween Steph and Addy. I guess my face showed how nevous because Addy gave me a sympathetic look.

"Relax." she said calmly "you are going to get picked. I can tell"

"Sorry" I replied "I just won't stop worrying until I am on that list"

"Ha!" I heard a fimilar voice behind me say. I turned around to see Emily O' Donnel sitting behind me. Emily was the most popular girl school, homecoming queen, head cheerleader, and student council president. We used to be best friends until one day she changed and became really competitive of me. She beat me in everything except one thing. I always got the lead in the musicals. She was jealous out of her mind.

"As if! You are not going to get picked! You sound like a dying animal when you sing!" she said in a very harsh tone. Luckily, Addison came to my defence.

"You are just jealous becasuse Nicole alsways get the lead in the musicals and you dont!" she said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah right! Me? Jealous?" she replied laughing "Why would be jealous of her? I am a the ost popular girl in school. And F.Y.I, the only reason you keep getting the lead in the play is mecause you babysit Mr. Campbell's kids."

Addy looked angry and yelled "You just wait! Very soon Nicole's name is going to be on that list of finalists!"

"I wouldn't be so sure" she replied with a smirk. Just then one of Emily's wanna-be friends, Ashley, tapped Emily on the shoulder.

"Excuse me." she said very shyly

"Yes Emily" she said a little angriliy "why are you interrupting me?"

"Well" she said "I thought I should tell you that your name has been added to the finalists lists for the one direction contest" An evil smile crept across her face.

"Looks like Cher Lloyd has good taste." she said. Great, now there are only 3 spots left.

*Niall's POV*

"Come on mate, its the last day of the contest. Just picked somebody already." Liam said. I had one spot left and I was going to make sure it went to the right person.

"I have to find the right person. They are in here somewhere" I replied

"Okay, but hurry up." he replied pulling out his phone "I am board" I laughed and put on my headphones. I watch about 20 minutes worth of videos until I heard it. It was a girl, she was singing Eyes Open by Taylor Swift, and she was beautiful. Her voice melted me like butter. 

"That's her!" I yelled

"Who's her?" Liam said raising one eyebrow

"Liam come over here!" I said excitedly. He walked over and watched the video. 

At the end he smiled and said "Niall! She is amazing! You really hit the jackpot!"

"Well it looks like I have my final pick!" I said smiling and leaning back in my chair

"Maybe not" Liam said.

"What do you mean" I asked a little nervously

"Look! She forgot to tell us her name, age, and where she lives! " he said







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