Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


29. How are we going to choose?

*Nicole's POV*

The rooms were done, the names were picked, and the house was baby-proofed. The only thing left to do was pick the god parents. This was going to be hard since we cad so many candidates. For godfathers we had Simon, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Niall's brother Greg. Then for girls we had Addy, Steph, Eleanor, Taylor, Perrie, and Dani. That is six pairs and only five babies.

"How are we going choose without hurting their feelings." Niall asked

"Well, Simon is already an honorary gradpa so I think we can eliminate him so the godfathers are all set but the girls ae going to be tricky." I replied

"Why don't we just pick names out of a hat." Niall suggested. Ginuess. That was exactly what we did. Everyone was in our living room and we were about to start. Niall marched in with the hat with the names in it and I picked the first name. I showed the card to Niall.

"The first baby belongs to..." Niall said in a funny voice "Taylor and Harry" I picked another "The second baby belongs to Dani and Liam." Another "Number three, Perrie and Zayn!" Another "Steph and Louis!" I picked the card for the last baby "My last child belongs to Addy and Greg!" Eleanor looked a little upset but Louis gave her a hug 

she said "It's okay. Somebody had to be left out so its fine, really." I was glad we felt that way. Evryone hung out and I was glad to be spending my last day of freedom with my friends because tomorrow was the day I would be placed on bed rest and the next time I entered this home, it would be with 5 babies.


AN: Yeah I know its a sucky chapter but I felt it was needed. Sorry it is short too

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