Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


4. Find her

*Simon's POV*

My phone rang, I saw it was Niall and answered it.

"Niall," I said "You need to stop fooling around and pick you finalist!"

"I know, I know" he said a little upset "I already did"

"Well then why didn't you post it?" I asked very puzzeld

"I can't" he said clearly a little aggrivated "this girl has amazing talent but didn't leave any information as to who she was!"

"Well, I guess you will have to pick somebody else" I said

"No!" he shouted "I can't! I will find her!"

"How in the world are you going to do that?" I asked

"Just close the contest and you will find out" he said before hanging up.

*Nicole's POV*

"It's the last day of the contest, why hasn't he picked yet?" I asked frantically

"I don't now, just relaw" Steph said giving me a hug

"Guys! Look at this!" Addison screamed. We all gathered around the computer and saw that the contest had ended. Without Niall picking a finalist. Which means that I wasn't picked.

"Wait? Why did they end the contest if Niall didn't pick a finalist?" Steph asked a little angry

"I don't know" I replied "But maybe Emily was right. Maybe I'm not a good singer"

"Don't you dare say that" Steph snapped at me "If you say that she wins!"

"She already has" I said slumping down in my chair "She is a finalist and I am not."

"I wouldn't be too sure!" Addison screamed and I looked up with a questioning look "Look at this Tweet Niall just sent." she showed me the tweet.

I read it out loud "DOING A TWITCAM IN 2 MINUTES TO ANNOUNCE MY FINALIST! GOOD LUCK :) XX" I screamed! "It's not over yet!" 2 minutes later Niall tweeted the link to his twitcam and we watched. He explained that he had chosen a winner that he felt was absolutley amazing. However, she did not say her name, where she lived, or her age. He said that he was determined to find this girl and that if anyone knew who sing this song to contact him at his new email address and to prove that it was the real person by sending a video of herslef singing another song. He played the video and from the very first note I realized that it was my song!

I screamed "I was picked!" I paused and a little more quietly this time said "But he doesn't know it was me!" I looked over at Steph who was turning red. "You forgot to add my information?"

"Sorry" she said almost in tears "I forgot" I smiled and gave her a hug

"It's okay, but right now we need to record another video!" I yelled and we started to video tape me singing Grenade by Bruno Mars

*Niall's POV*

30 minutes later I had 200,000 emails of girls who were claiming to be my mystery girl. I didn't know where to start. Suddenly one email caught my eye. It was from a girl named Nicole Johnson and the email's subject was "sorry for all the trouble niall". Somehow I knew that this was her. I opened the email and pressed play on her video. It was her! I knew within the first 5 seconds. It was in color this time so I could see that she had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She was perfect. This time she was singing Grenade by Bruno Mars and once again she was perfect. At the end of the video she apologized for her friend who forgot to add the information and told me that her name was Nicole Johnson, who her friends called Nikki, and that she was a 18 year old from a small town just outside of LA in California. She was the only finalist from the U.S and I was excited! I quickly opened the contest page and typed in her name as a finalist. A few hours later the lads and I posted a video telling all the finalists that their mentors will be calling them tomarrow with further information. I could'nt wait to talk to Nicole and meet her in person, there was just something special about her and I knew she was going to win!









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