Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


31. Bad news, tears and pain

*Nicole's POV*

I opened my eyes. Niall was standing over me. I asumed that the pills they had given me from my surgery were now worn off. Niall gave me a kiss.

"How are you feeling love?" he asked

"I'm fine, how are the babies?" I was worried. I remembered how long it took to fianally hear Brooklyn's cry.

"Elle, Colin, Carter, and Riley are in the NICU now. The nurse tells me they are doing fine. However, Brooklyn had to go into surgery for her lung four hours ago and has not come out yet." he replied  and I started to cry. I felt so scared for my little baby.

"Niall." I said as he tried to comfort me "What do they look like?" he gave me a look of sympathy and showed me the pictures. They were all so beautiful. Eventually I calmed down and shortly after the doctor came in. He asked me questions and then gave me a quick cheak up.

"Well, you are looking perfectly healthy. Good news is so are Elle, Colin, Carter, and Riley. They have gained weight as needed. They are ready to leave the NICU. " he said

"What about Brooklyn?" Niall asked

"I was about to talk to you about her." the doctor paused as he said this and looked at his shoes, as he did this an awful feeling appeared in my gut because I felt as though something was wrong "She is not doing as well as I hoped. He lungs still are not functioning properly and it is more than likely that she will not survive the night and even if she does she will have to live the rest of her life on an air tank." These words felt like somebody punching me in the gut. I burst into tears and Niall tried to calm me down by I could see tears streaming down his face too. "I'm really sorry." the doctor said and left the room

*Niall's POV*

The nurses had brought Elle, Carter, Colin, and Riley into our room since they were no longer needed in the INCU. We would be leaving tomorrow after we knew what was going to happen with Brooklyn. I had never imagined or even thought about what it would be like to loose a child, I don't think anyone has. Who would? Well, it sucks. Nikki and I could not control our tears they just kept coming and coming. The phone rang and I answered it. Somebody in tears was on the other end.

Phone Conversation:

Niall: Hello?

????: Yes. I am glad you picked up. This is Niall right?

Niall: Yeah, may I ask who I am speaking to?

????: This is Mrs.Brooks. Don't say my name because I don't want Nicole to know I am calling.

Niall: Okay.

Mrs. Brooks: I have some bad news. *She began to cry harder* I wanted to let you know that earlier today Lila lost her battle with Lukimia. *She sobbed*

Niall: I am so sorry.

Mrs. Brooks: Will you let Nicole know?

Niall: Of course

Mrs Brooks: I figured it was best if you told her because her and I didn't have the best relationship and I don't think I could tell her. Lila and her had such a special bond. She is going to make a good mother.

Niall: Yeah, she will.

Mrs. Brooks: How are the babies doing, if you don't mind me asking?

Niall: Of course not. Elle, Colin, Carter, and Riley are all perfectly okay but Brooklyn's chances are slim. *Begins to cry*

Mrs: Brooks: Ohh. I am so sorry. Send my sorrows to Nicole. Ohh! I almost forgot, the funeral is next month at our house if you can make it.

Niall: Wouldn't miss it

Mrs. Brooks: I have to go now. Good luck with Brooklyn.

Niall: Thankyou and I am sorry for your loss.

Phone Call Ends

"Who was that?" Nicole asked through her tears

"I have some bad news/" I said. How was I going to tell her?

"Please don't" Nikki said, her face nw pale "I can't take anymore." She placed Carter, who she was craddeling, back in his crib and walked over to where a I was sitting. She sat on my lap and I wrapped my arms around her.

"I really think you should hear this." I stated through my tears

"Will it cause me pain." She asked and I nodded "Is it causing you pain." she asked and I nodded "Then why would I want to know?" she asked

"Becasue I promised somebody I would tell you." I said.




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