Finally Got the Girl

See the twists and turns of this relationship when Niall Finally gets the girl.


25. Aunts, Uncles, and Grandpa!

*Nicole's POV*

Niall got off the phone with the doctor.

"What did he say?" I asked still crying

He sat down next to me on the bed "He says it's more than likely that you are pregnant. You have an appointment next monday." He rubbed my back and comphorted me as I took the news in

"Are we going to tell our friends yet?" I asked

"Not until it is confirmed by the doctor." he said

"What about our careers?" I asked

"I don't know babe. We will make it work." He said wrapping his arms around me

*Niall's POV*

It was confirmed. The doctor told us we were having a baby. We could find out the gender in two months. Nikki was trying so hard to be brave but she was crying again. We were in the car on our way home.

"I am going to give up my career." she said suddlenly. I pulled the car over.

"Don't you dare say that Nikki!" I sort of yelled at her

"Niall," she said :I just don't see how it is going to work without getting a nanny. I want to be there for our child not on tour for minths at a time while they are home with a stranger. I had lots of strangers in my like Niall. It was not fun!"

"I am not saying we have to get a nanny." I replied to her in a calm voice now "You can still continue your career without going on tour. Just take a break and create albums without going on tours. Then, once he or she is old enough, he or she can come on tor with us. He or she alone should create enough media buzz to keep everyone interested in you. Plus, maybe this is a good time to have Steph do her movie. A movie about our love and our family." she smiled at me and told me I was right. I started to drive again.

"How are we going to tell everyone?" I asked. "The press is going to find out eventually."

"I have an idea. Plus this way we don't have to our friends directly" I replied as I took out my phone to call Simon.

Phone concersation:

Simon: Hello?

Niall: Uncle Simon! Can you get Nicole and I about 30 minutes of TV time on channel 7 news? We have an announcement.

Simon: Sure I think so. What is the announcement?

Niall: Sorry its a surprise. You are the best Uncle Simon. Bye

I hung up and turned to Nicole who had a big grin on her face. We got home changed and drove to the channel 7 studio. They were all ready for us. They set up a screen so we could read tweets like we asked for. I grabbed Nikki's hand and sat down on the couch. The man behind the camera yelled action and we were on.

*A veiwer's POV*

Niall: Hello, I'm Niall Horan

Nicoel: And I am Nicole Johnson

Niall: We have a very important announcement and we hope that our fans will support us through the whole think.

Nicole: We are going to have a baby

Niall: If you have any questions tweet us

Nicole: We already have 500 questions! Wow

Niall: Saddie333 asks "Is it a girl or a boy?"

Nicole: We don't know yet but we will know in about 2 months. taylor753 asks "When is your wedding?"

Niall: November 18th. Next month.

*Nicole's POV*

W answered questions until the time ran out. Most of the fans were very supportive. I came off stage and found that everyone had rushed over to see us. Literslly everyone was there. Taylor, Harry, Liam, Dani, Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie, Simon, Cher, Ed, Addy, and Steph.

"Congrats!" Niall said to them "You are aunts and uncles!" he paused then added "Except for you Uncle Simon! You are a grandpa!" We spent the rest of the night talking and brainstorming names. I couldn't believe this was all happening! Our family just keeps growing!


AN: Sry, I don't usually make Author's Notes but does anyone have any suggestions on baby names? Love to hear frome you! Comment :)



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