This is more than just a fan obsession..

well, its based on me. my feelings for someone, famous, that no one really understands, ive turned it into a fanfiction, where the girl, me, meets her idol and idols and tells him how she really feels, hoping he feels the same after spending time with her....


2. Holmes Chapel

Its about five in the morning. I creep out of bed and get changed. I silently was my face and brush my hair and teeth and creep into the kitchen. I grab a load of food from the kitchen, nearly dropping a tin of beans on the floor. I cant believe Im finally going to meet him. I grab my bag and head out. The air was crisp, winter was definitely on the way. I pull my jacket on and head to the town to catch the bus. I get my money out and the bus arrives. I hop on and ask for a single ticket and were on our way. I hop off in Holmes Chapel town. Its lovely. The shops are cute and small, not many people around. I walk off in search for his house. After what seemed like hours i arrived at his house. I sighed. What next? Was it considered rude to knock on a celebrities house? Instead I sit on the pavement waiting. Then I see him, walking down the street with a carrier bag in his extremely large hands. He comes over.
"Are you okay down there?" he says smiling. I get up and say
"Oh yeah, aha, its not like I was waiting for you or anything" I say jokingly.
"Would you like to come in for a bit? Its freezing out here!" he says getting a key out of his pocket. He literally did not just ask me that! I say yes and follow him into the house. We go in and I take my shoes off and follow him into the living room.
"Have a seat" he says. I sit down on the edge of the sofa smiling. He goes into the kitchen to get drinks. I text Shannon saying I'm in his house. She replies, it looked like she was having a fit! He comes back and sits next to me handing me a drink. I take it and drink it. He looks at me. I smile and put the cup on the table.
"So, where are you from?" he asks.
"Buckley, in flintshire" I say.
"Oh yeah" he says. We sit their awkwardly, him constantly looking at me.
"Could i have a picture with you?" I ask getting my camera out.
"Yeah of course!" he says coming closer. Just beofre I take the picture his kisses me on the cheek. I swear, I looked like I had turned into a strawberry.
"Would you like to go to the park...?" Harry says.
"Vicky. Yes, I would" so we go out and head towards the park. And in all fairness, we become good friends. We talk about each other, he mostly wants to kmow aout me which i found odd. Its about ten o clock now, not many people still. We walk down a path and sit on a bench next to the pond, sitting there, silently. A gap is between us. He puts his hand there. do the same, trying not to laugh, because I think I knew where this was going. He takes my hand. What is actually going on? He turns to me, staring at me with those irresistable green eyes. I smile. He leans in and kisses me, barely touching my mouth.
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