Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


9. "Where's Mom?"


Amelia   Jason's car came to a stop outside my house but i couldn't move. I didn't want to know.  All i could keep thinking about was Paige. How we lost her and why they did it. I felt the tears start to pool around my eyes. I couldn't cry infront of Jason tho. I wouldn't. I had already done that and i wasn't about to do it again.Biting my bottom lip to keep from crying, i began to undo my seat belt  I turned towards Jason.
  "Thank you for bringing me home Jason." I thanked him and opened the door.
  "Want me come in?" 
  "No it's fine. I need to do this on my own" I said getting out of the car. "I will call you later tho okay?"
  "Okay beautiful" 
  "Bye Jason, thanks again." I said before shutting his car door.
  Slowly walking up the footpath. Worried about what was wrong with my mom. I heard Jason's car take off and as i got to the front door. Slowly turning the handle and jerking the door open. I walking in and shut the door. Thought running through my mind. Was my Mom Okay. Was she hurt. Was she dead. Suddenly Sean,Leo and Dean came running in.
  "Where have you been Amelia Rose?" Sean asked, walking closer to me. Once he stood in front of me he pulled me in to a huge. 
  "Sean, can't breathe" I giggled a little. He let go of me.
  "Sorry sis" He smiled but that smile soon faded when i asked him. 
  "Where's Mom?" 
  Sean gently grabbed a hold of my shoulders.
  "Amelia, Mom... She isn't coming back" He said with a sad tone.
  "What... What do you mean shes not coming back Sean" I felt the tears pool around my eyes again, this time i didn't stop them from spilling.
  "She's gone Amelia Rose, she's with Paige now"  That's when i lost it. I just feel to the floor and cried. 
  "No....No she can't be. She promised she would be back... She promised me Sean." I cried.
  I felt 2 arms wrap around me and just cradle me. I cried into his chest, knowing it was Sean.
  "I'm sorry Mia, I'm so sorry." He said rubbing my back to try and calm me down.
  "Don't call me that!!. You have no right to call me that!!. I shouted ."You left me Sean. You left me when i needed you" I cried even harder
"I know i did and i'm sorry, but i'm here now. Ssh, everything's going to be okay." He said gently continuing to rub my back. "You will live with me and the boys. Okay?" He continued.
  "Yeah" I whispered. I got up from the floor and wiped my eyes. "I will go pack." i said sniffling a little.
  "No need to do that just yet Mia. Me and the boys go something to do first." He said.
  "Oh okay then.I said, chocking on my words. He was just going to leave me here, when i needed him the most.
  "We will be back in about 2 hours." he said walking towards the door.
  "Sean... How...How did she die?" I asked, almost crying again.
  "I will explain everything when i get back okay" he said walking back over to me and kissing me on my forehead. 
  "Yeah, i will just be packing anyways." I stated.   2 Hours later.
  I had packed my entire closet, bathroom essentials and everything else i would need. I walked over to my Mom's room, slowly opening the door. Tears falling down my cheeks,silently. Walking over to my Mom's side of the bed i grabbed the pictures she kept there.    
  Mom and Dad the day he died.

Me and Sean, when i was 9.
      Sitting down on the bed and looked at the one of Paige


She was so beautiful. First Dad, then Paige and now My Mom. Why did god have to take them from me.  I jumped hearing the front door slam shut.
  "Amelia, where are you?" Sean shouted while running up the stairs. I got off Mom's bed and walked towards the door. All 3 photo frames in my hand.
  "I'm right here Sean" I said while walking out of my Mom's room and into mine. I placed the photo'd in my suitcase and zipped it up.
  "You already packed?" I heard Sean ask.
  I turned around to see him leaning on my door frame " Yeah" I stated.
  "Okay, come on then." Sean grabbed 2 of my 4 suitcases  Hey i'm a girl, i need my things. Plus 1 was full of just Shoes. I grabbed the other 2 and headed downstairs after Sean.
I got to the bottom after almost tripping over them twice. I noticed that Dean,Leo and another guy were stood near the front door.
  "I would have got them Mia." Sean said taking my cases off me and handing them to the other guy.
He turned back round to face me and i gave him a confused look.
  "Oh right, that was Nate." he nodded towards the door.
  "So how long is the ride?" I asked grabbing my phone and bag off the sofa.
  "About an hour away" Dean answered. Walking with me to the mini bus they had waiting.
  Well this was going to be a long ride, i thought as i sat in the back. I grabbed my headphones out of my bag and plugged them into my Iphone.  I listened to Hunter Hayes song  Wanted. My favorite song.
I felt the van start moving and i just lent against the window and closed my eyes.
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